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the overlap will be approximately 15mm and again, the cladding will be nailed to the wall just above the cladding overlap. shiplap timber cladding this siding would be nailed directly through the face of the siding with two nails with a 25mm overlap.

what is timber cladding?

timber such as white-wood, redwood, and pine is typically treated, while fir, cedar, and oak are usually left untreated. cladding styles generally include notched lap, tapered lap, ship lap, and chamferboard. timber cladding typically forms the exterior portion of structures utilizing double walls.

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cladding, external. the natural appeal, versatility and strength of timber makes it the superior choice for external cladding. through specification, planning, design and finishing processes, timber cladding not only creates a building of superior strength, acoustic and thermal performance but also creates a place of beauty, style and natural appeal.


waney edge cladding. waney edge cladding brings a stunning natural look to any building as each piece of cladding is made by cutting strht through the tree. one edge retains the outside shape of the tree the waney edge and the other is square cut for ease of alignment. boards need to overlap by 40 to 50mm and are typically around 250mm wide.

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feather-edge cladding is designed to be laid horizontally with a vertical overlap of approximately 40mm for boards up to 150mm, and 50mm for boards wider than 150mm. it is important to follow fixing advice, particularly when using green wet timber.

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thor torrefied wood is a thermally modified solid wood cladding product with a 60 year warranty against decay. the torrefaction process provides thor with exceptional performance characteristics to create a truly outstanding cladding material. the key benefits of thermally modified timber cladding increased resistance to decay

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timber cladding, exposed to the weather but left uncoated, will be affected by sunlight, and will absorb moisture during wet weather and give off moisture in the dry. exposure to direct sunlight will eventually result in the surface colour of uncoated timber changing to silver grey.

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when using shiplap or rebated feather-edge horizontal boards for cladding, it is possible to reduce the overlap to 15mm but you should have a 2mm gap to allow for possible extension of the boards. the curve or chamfered shoulder to shiplap boards helps it to effectively drain away water and create a strong shadow line.

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exterior timber, decking and cladding. the top of the board is secured by the overlap of the board above. this is easier to show in a diagram, so for more information you might like to log onto the australian Seven Trust network at and refer to the cladding section in the australian Seven Trust and cypress manual

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when browsing through the extensive range of garden sheds from you will notice that each shed is named according to its size, its style and its cladding so you can choose a 6 x 4 overlap apex shed or a 7 x 7 double door tongue and groove pent shed and so on. the reasons for naming a shed according to its size and style are obvious: it helps you to find exactly the size and type of model that will suit the available space in your garden and your own preferences.

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overlap cladding is a rough-cut board with a finished cut thickness of 9mm. the cladding boards in the walls of an overlap shed will overlap each other and generally, the overlap sheds will include a roof and floor constructed using 9mm butt-jointed timber boards.

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our broad external cladding range offers plenty of options to create a feature wall or as a solution to cover unsightly surfaces. alsford timber reserve the right to supply and invoice timber in lengths to make up the meterage required according to stock availability at the time.

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cons of overlapping cladding. a disadvantage to overlap cladding is that it isnt very durable and means that it wouldnt be able to support anything heavy such as shelving on walls; the timber used for this type of cladding is usually thin whitewood and therefore more likely to warp over time due to weather conditions. related content:

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standard cladding sizes and overlaps if you're cutting blocks, concrete, stone or anything and there's dust - don't take the risk don't cut it, or cut it wet so there's no dust - silicosis sucks

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our carefully machined siberian larch board on board board and batten cladding is the perfect profile choice should you require the option of having differing shadow lines, as well as infallible weather protection, along with the natural durability and stunning grain of siberian larch.

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140mm cover is common, but a 20mm overlap would be ok too especially if you have foil insulation behind the boards as i would recommend. many older narrower molded profile weatherboards had just a 10mm overlap, but the precision joint and rounded shape added water resistance.

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weatherboard cladding - tips and tricks? greetings forum. i'm hoping to get started on re-cladding an entire californian bungalow house with timber weatherboards, hoping to get started over easter.

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timber cladding uk timber limited supply many different cladding profiles ranging from your traditional feather-edge and rustic waney edge, to the smooth sleek shadow lines of a shiplap profile. timber cladding also referred to as weatherboards or weatherboarding, can add an extra dimension to a building.

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this should be the same for timber cladding: it should be raised thor torrefied wood is a thermally modified, solid-wood cladding product. timber cladding western red cedar siberian larch - silva timber. range of excellent quality timber cladding species and profiles including western red cedar, siberian larch, thermowood and iroko

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the 3 most popular timber cladding types are shiplap, loglap and tongue and groove. each board does come in a different width and has a different overlap so the equation will have to be adjusted slightly on step 2 but the principle remains the same. our timber cladding measurements are: shiplap cladding = 150mm wide, 11mm overlap = 139mm coverage

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important due to the nature of the overlap detail we would highly recommend the use of butyl sealant when using brit-tile sheets. end laps. if end laps are required you should allow 300mm minimum overlap, sealed with butyl sealant tape 10mm from the edge of each overlapping sheet as well as in the middle of the overlap.

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buy overlap cladding wooden sheds at free returns. buy online and collect in hundreds of stores in as little as 1 minute choose from top trade brands. thousands of customer product reviews.

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side seals. a vertical piece of timber is used to close off the end of the cladding, either in front as illustrated where the cladding meets a return, or down the side where the cladding ends. at an external corner, a vertical timber should abut the end of the cladding on each side face.

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one of the many reasons shiplap timber cladding is ideal for sheds, cabins and summerhouses is due to the superior protection from the weather that is provided by the wooden boards. thanks to the profile of the wood, the boards are able to contract and expand accordingly to the climate without warping.