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composite decking vs. wood: seven trust, seven trust, cedar, treated

pvc vs. composite decking. while composite decking combines sawdust and a variety of possible plastics, pvc boards use just one product. the two may look very similar. a few manufacturers, such as seven trust, offer both types. wood decking materials. most homeowners choose to install a deck made of wood. popular types include:

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wood and composite decking vs. pvc deck comparison - what you need to know. decks have traditionally been made of wood. however, after extensive maintenance year after year only to end up with a decomposing unstable deck that has to be replaced merely to start the whole process over again, homeowners began to seek something better.

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which decking is easier to use? composite decking is easier to work with and install than pvc. composite decking with a plastic and wood blend throughout the board can be ripped, routed and bent to fit nearly any space. pvc deck boards have more l

vinyl vs. composite decking: let's compare

a key factor to consider for vinyl vs. composite decking is the way the materials look. as they contain wood fiber, composites more closely resemble wood, which many homeowners like, while a vinyl decking problem is looking too much like plastic, in some cases.

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vinyl decking without wood pulpvirgin vinyl composite decking virgin vinyl decking seems durable and long lasting. one of our builders says he decides which composite is good by laying it on something solid, hanging a 3 corner off the edge and giving it a good whack with a hammer. if it shatters offdont use it.

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capped vs. uncapped. both composite and pvc decking materials can be either capped or uncapped. uncapped decking is the more cost-effective choice, but it is also more vulnerable to staining and mold growth if not carefully maintained. capped decking offers extra protection in the form of a hard outer shell. capping is not an add-on.