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who is responsible for fences between houses? if i want to replace the fence am i responsible for the entire cost? answer save. 8 answers. relevance. steven f. lv 7. 10 years ago. favorite answer. in most cases, the fence is on one side or the other of the property line. in that case, the fence is owned 100% by the owner of the property it

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the second principle is that the ownership of fences is not conclusive evidence of where the boundary is, as people tend to put fences up on their side, and so the boundary may be one side or the other of a fence, or even down the middle. the march of time. imagine that the fences around your house are 30 years old.

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answers. usually, if the fence is part of your property, then you will get the 'bad side as the fence posts will be on your land. again, this just means that you own the fence and if you choose to keep it, are respponsible for any damage it might cause due eg to it rotting away and falling over.

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on our side of the wire fence we have fence posts and a wooden fence. this means this is our fence and we are solely responsible for it. it does not mean we have to replace if it breaks as it is solely on our land.

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it's that old 'who owns the fence?' chestnut again both neighbours either side of me claim that i am responsible for the boundary fences. now i know that i am only responsible for 1 of them, but which 1? i have checked my deeds and they do not show any information of boundary ownership.

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thus if you put up the fence but the boundary is your neighbour's, the fence remains your property but the boundary is still his responsibility. whilst ownership of the left hand fence is commonest it is by no means a certainty. different ways of putting up fencing as mentioned by others is an indicator of ownership but also not definitive.

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however, whilst it is customary to construct a fence in such manner the position of the fence posts do not dictate who is legally responsible for the fence. it is also a common misconception that a property owner owns the boundary on the left hand side of their property as you look at it from the street .

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generally, a landlord is responsible for maintaining a legal fence, says arthur, noting that most state fence law says landowners must maintain legal fences when and where they are required. and responsibility for escaped cattle would rest with the