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edge your landscape in colored-glass bottles to infuse your yard with a funky, down-home look. bury the bottles neck down, side-by-side in the soil to use as garden edging. to keep turf or weeds from migrating from your lawn into your beds, sink a sheet of aluminum flashing about 8 inches into the ground alongside the bottles.

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there are a number of different types of lawn edging. maybe the most basic distinction we can make is that between lawn edging that consists of a trench versus the various types that form a barrier. that is, some landscapers create an edge simply by removing sod in a nice, even line to create the desired border, using a spade or a power edger.

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types of edging natural lawn edgings. these edging materials can blend in easily with most landscapes plants edging. this is a well-known and used method of lawn edging. rock edging. a lot of people create walls for their flower beds, by using rocks, wood edging. wooden lawn edging has

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landscape edging materials. mowing strip: use a flat, wide material, such as brick or flat stones, to create a firm base suitable for the wheels of a lawn mower. mulch capture: to keep a heavily mulched bed in place, use a material that extends at least 2 inches above ground and 4 inches below . beauty edging: if

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stone, brick or concrete landscape edging: gives a more formal appearance. use precast concrete or brick in a saw tooth / zigzag pattern. installing edging is a simple project. the ground should be soft and not soaked or frozen. cut a shallow trench or groove into the sod and laying the edging into the cut area.

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simulated lawn edgings. these lawn edging materials can be smooth or textured, dull or bright, and colored to blend into or contrast with the surrounding landscape. metal metal lawn edging, such as aluminum or steel, is much more pliable, working well in curves, yet remains sturdy enough for strht lines.

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if the landscape style or theme is natural, rustic, or japanese, consider using stone edgings. good options for this type of edging are flagstone and pebbles, rocks, and boulders. this works well surrounding a patio, path, driveway, or a water feature like a pond , helping to unite the spaces and spread the materials consistently throughout

tips for choosing lawn edging

this type of lawn edging allows for flexibility in the event that the existing area changes in size or shape over time. wood wooden lawn edging varies in style from natural to decorative and even simulated. many people prefer to use landscaping timbers or railroad ties as edging.

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landscape edging ideas wood garden edging ideas. wood is always an easy material to use for garden edging because it can be easily recycled from old fences, decks, or building reject piles. it can also be easily cut at home, so that you can customize your wood garden edging.

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step 4 - use stakes for curved edging. drive landscaping stakes through the plastic and into the lawn horizontally to hold the edging firmly in place for curves around the landscaping beds. step 5 - water the edging. once your edging is installed, survey the entire area for any holes and gaps and backfill with soil. do not leave them because they may cause the edging to come loose.

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this landscape edging is designed to shape up a stylish garden that is also easy to maintain. the trim-free design means that you dont have to use any special instruments to trim the grass that grows close to the border.

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i hope this has given you at least some new ideas regarding the many different types of cheap landscape edging available. bear in mind, you can use more than one style of edging or start out small and upgrade as you can afford to do so. i use several of these in different spots around my yard.

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this landscape edging idea from apartment therapy was used more as a decorative mulch, but could be used as garden edging just as easily. another idea is to purchase recycled tumbled glass. you can use inexpensive plastic landscape edging or even wood benderboard to keep the glass pieces in place.