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delightful pergola. atlanta decking and fence offers a smart tip for adding a ceiling fan to a pergola. if the top of the pergola can be viewed from a second-floor window, route wires or conduit for a ceiling fan to hide them.

pergola plans vs pergola kits

build a pergola from start to finish creating your own unique design by adapting basic pergola plans; on your own schedule it can be done in one weekend with just 2 people once you buy your tools and materials; that is more affordable than prefab pergola kits from 30-70% cheaper buy a pergola kit when you have a higher budget

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with all of these outdoor pergola lighting ideas, i should be able to come up with something that works pergola lighting ideas. this post may contain affiliate links. we make a small commission if you buy the products from these links at no extra cost to you . as an amazon associate, i earn from qualifying purchases. but we only recommend

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have it made in the shade this summer with the help of gazebos, pergolas, and canopies. learn about materials, size options and accessories, plus find out everything you need to know to create the ultimate shady outdoor space. protect yourself, and your furniture, from those harsh rays this summer

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step-by step plans to make an arbor-like cedar structure, with 3d animation and master-level blueprints. pergolas were common features of italian renaissance gardens, often covering walkways or serving as grape arbors. today, the same design can be used to define a passageway or frame a focal point in your yard. add a climbing plant such as wisteria or, yes, grapevines, and your pergola will provide color and shade as well.

what kind of pergola should i buy?

when looking at pergolas there are many options available from wood, low gauge aluminum, steel, etc. the issue with these materials is they lack durability and become weathered relatively easily

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our outdoor redwood pergola kits come in a wide range of styles and sizes, built with sustainability in mind. we can create a custom design or you can purchase a pre-built garden pergola kit with easy assembly.

3 reasons you should consider a pergola

design options abound with pergolas when you decide to add a pergola to your landscape the first thing youll need to decide is, custom or kit? a local landscape professional can help you design a pergola from scratch and can custom build it right in your backyard or you can purchase a kit from one of the many well-known manufacturers in the u.s.

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cheap ways to cover a pergola. by samantha kemp . inexpensive options are available to cover your pergola. pergolas are outside structures constructed of wood, aluminum or vinyl. slats at the top of the structure provide partial shade. by adding a cover to the pergola, you can increase the amount of shade, protect the area beneath from the

pergola shade cover replacement canopy

this pergola shade replacement canopy is designed to provide your existing metal or wood pergola the shade and style it needs. enjoy the outdoors more often traditional pergolas cannot provide adequate shade during hot sunny days. only a shade canopy can help provide comfort for extended enjoyment.

what is a retractable pergola canopy and why should you

thats why we are here to tell you what a retractable pergola canopy is and why you should buy one. according to marygrove awnings, a retractable pergola canopy is produced from a series of horizontal slats angled to admit light and air but keep out rain and heat.

how to maintain and care for your pergola

clean it. purchase a proper cleanser for your outdoor pergola that can be applied with the help of a brush with bristles that are tough enough to clean the area properly. you can also use a tooth brush for stubborn areas of the pergola that cannot be targeted with a bristle brush.

5 reasons why you should buy a pergola

5 reasons why you should buy a pergola. have you been spending more time than usual browsing gorgeous backyards on pinterest? lots of common features between these picture-perfect spaces usually include flowering vines, café lighting, and a spot to hang out and grill.

building a pergola? be sure to ask these 6 questions first

you can attach a pergola to an existing structure, like a wall or the side of your house. or you can build a freestanding pergola, like ours. youll need to buy the right kind of mounting hardware and make sure you have the right tools, depending on the type of pergola you choose. what do you want the pergola to look like?

top 20 pergola designs, plus their costs

this pergola is attached to the house and has a gable roof. the posts are made of wood painted in blue. it provides plenty of shade but also light because the roof is not completely opaque. you can buy fully transparent glass if you want to let even more light get through. the design is easy to build by professionals.

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if youre looking for a pergola with a canopy, consider the sunjoy naples steel pergola. this freestanding metal pergola measures 8 x 10 feet and is sturdy and shady. the metal frame includes top rails with an attached canopy.

wood vs. vinyl pergola

good quality paint or stain should last 7-10 years if the pergola is in a shady spot, or perhaps a year or two less in direct sun. finishes these days come with a lifetime warranty, but we find that the hard fact of the matter is paint and stain does wear out more often than that if you want to keep the pergola in tip top shape.

5 reasons why you should buy a pergola

to buy a pergola is to invest in your homes resale value. even if youre in your forever home, it never hurts to add to your propertys value. you never know if youre going to change your mind, or you could end up relying on your home for a line of credit down the road.