what fence is mine in back garden

which garden fence is mine? and which is my neighbours?

how to know which fence is yours? a serious headache, particularly for people who are renting a property in the middle of a terrace, it is important to know which fence you are responsible for, in both your back and front garden. though it may not seem important, it can create a very severe legal

terraced house

i was talking with my neighbour and she said she was thinking of repairing the fence that's between her back yard and mine. neither of us knew whose responsibility this is. anybody know how i could and try and find out who owns the fence? those that you have responsibility for will have a 't' marked by the fence in your side of the garden .

fence heights when your land is higher than your neighbours?

the land of my back garden is about somewhere between 3 and 4ft higher than my neighbours. i'm thinking about replacing the old. fence with new 6ft panels which will need to stand on a supporting wall to hold the soil back. if the brick base is built to my soil level and then the fence put on top it'll potentially be 9ft high on their side.

am i legally required to face the smoothe side of my fence

depends i am a bulder and my nhbour told me the same just to piss him off still put the nice side on my side. now when you looking at your garden your back to the house left side in your baundry and right is your neighbours. on the left you have to let the neighbour to have the smooth side of the fence, and your neighbour on your right has to do the same.

which fence is mine in the back garden? yahoo answers

if the fence is already up and the batens are on your side.i`ts your`s.if you put up the fence ,it`s your`s.if your still confused look down your garden from the back of your house,the fence on your left is your`s.

whose fence is it

garden boundary is a strht line, but in most cases it is. once you have established the boundary line, it should be possible to work out whether the fence or other feature you are interested in falls inside or outside your land.

what fence is mine? mumsnet

the fence which is on my right when my back is to the house was built in front the brick garden wall of the old terrace house next door therefore i have assumed that this belongs to my house. this makes the fence on my left next doors.

fence boundaries

when it comes to understanding fence boundaries or knowing who owns what, the best starting point will always come with the title deeds. if your home is included in a new housing estate or scheme, it is very likely that there will be an available scale plan which will clearly mark out the boundaries of a garden and property.

fence ownership: who owns that garden fence?

its an old fence and the winter weather has blown down four panels. my neighbours keep throwing the panels into my driveway and back garden, despite me telling them on numerous occasions its not my fence. the fence also goes around the back of their property and im at a loss as to how to get them tonrealise it belongs to them. any advice?

fence etiquette: who gets the good side?

if the fence is a dividing fence, that divides your backyard from your neighbors back yard, the good side of the fence should be facing your yard. if the good side is not facing your yard, and you needed to maintain the fence at a later date, you would need to get the neighbors permission to enter their yard to maintain your fence.

a guide to garden fence and boundary ownership

boundary dispute resolution. in situations where you must erect a garden fence at your backyard, you may incur the cost of installing and maintaining the garden fence. if you own property in london, you must be informed about and policies, rules and regulations relating to owning a property in london.

fences and boundaries

my neighbour's fence makes my garden very dark beacuse his fence is high and his garden is on higher land than mine. if your neighbour's fence is within the height limits set by your local authority, when measured from the ground on which it stands not from the level of the ground on your side of the fence then there is nothing that you can do about it.

as i look out of my back door .

which side of fencing belongs to me? right or left please?found neighbours dog in garden this morning and the fence is badly broken and i doubt anyone would want to repair or replace fence because of this but i dont want to be paying out for a fence if it isnt mine. quote as i look out of my back door the fence on the right hand side

boundaries, whos side is whos??

you can buy these on the internet if you like, see land reg .org the ownership of the fence/wall party wall will generally be marked with a t. this could be on the left or the right or indeed towards any fence front or back. the t, whos fence it is will be marked on plan and shown inside your boundary.

which fence is mine and can i replace even if not mine

have recently moved into a house with a rather delapidated fence on the right hand side. the house to the right is rented out and in pretty bad condition generally, and i would quite like to replace this fence.

which side of fence is mine? yahoo answers

which side of fence is mine? answer save. 12 answers. relevance. on thin ice. if you mean what fence is yours,it is the one on the left if you are looking up your back garden from your house or the one on the right at the front of your house. 0 0 2. login to reply the answers post; jackyblu.

which fence is mine?

my other neighbour on the right, not my boundary , insisted that in his deeds that boundary was mine, sepecially when the fence blew down. in the time i was there i replaced and maintained most of the boundaries, putting up exactly what type of fencing that i wanted, nice side to me, all by agreement with the neighbours.

which side of the fence? netmums

how can you tell which side of the garden fence is yours? looking out of my back door i have panal fencing down both sides on the left which i did think was ours has the nice side and on the right next door have the nice side. next door changed one of there panals on the right and dumped the old one

your property boundaries

about your property boundaries, working out your boundary lines, boundaries and neighbour disputes, agreeing who's responsible for walls and fences your property boundaries - gov.uk skip to main

ownership of boundary fences

for example, it is commonly believed that if fence posts are located in one persons garden they own the fence. however, whilst it is customary to construct a fence in such manner the position of the fence posts do not dictate who is legally responsible for the fence.

so which fence is mine? in the answerbank: home and garden

the 'edge' fences are owned by my neighbours even though the fence posts of one are on my side , so i am only responsible for the one at the bottom of my garden. 20:16 mon 02nd dec 2002 couchy

fencing laws and your neighbors: faqs

the fence was built before the passage of the law: if a previously existing fence violates new height regulations, in most cases it can remain. a variance applies: a person can apply for a variance, a one-time exception to the law, if they intend to build a fence that violates a local ordinance.

whose fence is it anyway?

sorry this is not the same as the fence or wall, or hedgerow etc . the person responsible for the fence is the person that owns the fence. typically, a person who has responsibility for a boundary, would normally erect a fence, wall, hedgerow etc. however, it may well be that an adjacent land owner erected a fence on their land

which fence is mine in the back garden? yahoo answers

if a fence is already in place then it belongs to the person who erected it. if the fence is already up and the batens are on your side.i`ts your`s.if you put up the fence ,it`s your`s.if your still confused look down your garden from the back of your house,the fence on your left is your`s.