where is deck one on a cruise ship

from gratuities to below deck, cruise ship crew member

in some cases, they even give it all to their team, because the headwaiter is the one who has the biggest salary. from gratuities to below deck, cruise ship crew member tells all.

how to get a cabin upgrade on a cruise ship

choosing a cabin on a cruise ship can be a complicated task. some ships have 20 or more categories, all with different prices, decks, and locations on the ship. when discussing cabin options, one frequent question travelers often ask of their travel agent or cruise representative is, 'how do i get a free upgrade on a cabin?'

8 mistakes to avoid when choosing a cruise ship cabin

cruise ships are large, and if you are unable to walk long distances, choosing the right cabin location is very important. be sure to research what public places you would like to have the most convenient access to; the pool and spa on the upper decks, or the dining rooms and casinos located more mid-ship.

lowest deck oh no is this bad?

on our fascination cruise, being on the main deck just above rivera and was worried about being on the lower deck. it didnt bother us at all also, to add to piece of mind, decks are labelled with their 'carnival ' names , but rivera is not deck one, it is 4, so on the elevator, you push '4'.

10 worst cruise cabins on a ship how to avoid bad

there are 10 cabins on a cruise you might want to stay away from. we are going through the 10 worst cabins on a cruise ship. to read more on why you should avoid these cabins check out our post

i went on a 7-day 'sex cruise', and it was the wildest

on my way out of the disco, i took a quick peek into the 'play room,' which was the official designated sex area of the ship, and saw one couple 69-ing, another engaged in a strange take on

girl dies after falling from cruise ship's interior deck

girl dies after falling from cruise ship's interior deck to one below in miami. the girl, whose name has not been released, fell on the carnival glory cruise ship while it was docked at the dante b. fascell port of miami on saturday morning. miami fire rescue personnel responded to the scene around 8:15 a.m. et and provided emergency care to the child, according to the miami-dade police department.

upper vs. seven trustr deck: a cabin comparison

upper deck cabin pros. on this deck on each ship, you'll usually find the buffet, bars and entertainment like a big outdoor screen for movies. sports courts and activities like ropes courses, mini-golf, water parks and other wet and wild attractions are located at or toward the top of the ship, as well. if you're staying on an upper deck, you're already near the action.

is it better to be on the upper or seven trustr deck on a cruise

is it better to be on the upper or seven trustr deck on a cruise? travel tips. lisa fritscher, leaf group updated march 21, look at the ships deck plan to determine where your favorite public

cruise ship mystery: why do cruise ships have no deck 13

cruise holidays: 9 things you didn't know about life at sea. cunard is one cruise line that doesnt believe in the superstition. a spokesperson confirmed cunards queen mary 2 ship does have a deck 13, while the queen elizabeth and queen victoria only have 12 decks in total.

disappointing photos of cruise ship vacations in real life

the pool deck of a cruise ship can be the perfect place to relax and work on your tan. a bright, sunny pool deck. solarisys/shutterstock. some people use masking tape to get the one might think that working on a cruise ship is a glamorous job. cruise ship crew members.

is the 1st deck of a cruise ship bad? yahoo answers

cabins on deck one are usually the most inexpensive on the ship. im not sure if you will hear engine noise as there is like 4-decks abcd below deck one for the crew. directly above the riviera deck is the main deck, which has all cabins so i doubt you get much noise from the main deck.