what it the height of the rafters on a pergola

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he ran along a wall to a facing platform, and mounted a block in the corner. from its height he ran on to a sprung shutter, that launched him through the air to a pillar ledge. by use of a dagger plate the prince jumped to a ledge and crept out on a beam, directly over the head of another archer. hooking rafters high overhead to swing out

building a pergola? be sure to ask these 6 questions first

the height; we wanted a big pergola for our large patio, so we went with the 15x15 big kahuna model from pergola depot. those dimensions refer to the overall size of the pergola, basically the dimensions of the canopy. the posts of our pergola are positioned 12 feet apart, giving us 144 square feet of covered area on our patio.

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quick note for those who’ve never built a pergola before: the girders and rafters cantilever past the posts. a number of factors go into figuring out what the best cantilever is, but we usually start with 16 inches. so, the over-all dimensions of the pergola are where the rafters end, but you build the box to where the posts go.

designing a pergola from the ground up professional deck

these i rough-cut about 12 inches longer than the proposed finish height of the pergola; i set them in each corner and screwed them to the box. because the sandbox was to remain in place after construction, i added construction adhesive before fastening it to the posts. i nailed 2x4 ties perpendicular to the rafters. i spaced the rafter

the traditional wooden garden pergola, custom made from

posts normally ship 9' long. 9 posts make the top of the roof 9' also and give you an 8' 4" clearance ("ceiling height") under the rafters. about 90% of our pergola customers go with the default 9' post height. if you'd like your pergola taller or shorter, just select other height and write in what you would like in the comments section.