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lumber liquidators tranquility line the floor pro community

so, i see their ads on tv and the internet but as far as their vinyl plank flooring, specifically the tranquility line i don't see many reviews. we are looking to put down about 500sqf of vinyl plank flooring in our basement.

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home decorators collection oak tranquility 7.5 in. x 47.6

designed to last a lifetime, this oak tranquility 7.5 in. x 47.6 in. luxury vinyl plank flooring is easy to install. each plank is waterproof and easily installs over existing floors. the vinyl sheet features a durable backing that helps reduce sound in your home.

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tranquility offers 5 mm luxury vinyl plank flooring in 48-inch lengths at seven-inch widths. in fact, half of the tranquility brand is a decent five millimeters thick. most notable of all, tranquility is cheap. even the most expensive tranquility is still half the price of shaw and armstrong luxury vinyl plank products.

tranquility ultra waterproof rustic reclaimed oak luxury

- tranquility xd and tranquility ultra offer added dimensional stability to prevent curling . in support of healthy home environments, tranquility and coreluxe vinyl flooring is phthalate-safe. quick installation tip: subfloor surface must be clean, flat, and dry. this flooring is suitable for installation over hydronic radiant heating systems

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tranquility ultra. last, but certainly not least, is lumber liquidators vinyl flooring collection dubbed tranquility ultra. the selection from this collection is still small, so there are only eight styles, although they vary wildly from golden teak to boards that resemble rustic reclaimed oak flooring.