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stair tread nosespecifications building stair tread nosing

stair tread nose projection uniformity (<= 3/8" variation) the greatest stair tread nosing projection shall not exceed the smallest nosing projection by more than 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) between two stories, including the nosing at the level of floors and landings. a nosing is not required where the tread depth is a minimum of 11 inches (279 mm).

inside boeing's 787 dreamliner (photos) - cnet

as the airplane maker prepares to finally hand over the first 787 to all nippon airways, cnet got a look at the interior of one of the much-anticipated jets.

look inside boeing's 747-8 intercontinental (photos) - cnet

this is a look down the stairs from the upper deck of the new 747-8 i. updated: left exterior nose. look inside boeing's 747-8 intercontinental (photos) up next.

stillwater homeowner makes unexpected snake discovery

stillwater homeowner makes unexpected snake discovery. by bill hudson august 21, stretching up the stairs and onto the deck floor. she points to some discoloration on the snake’s nose

presidents of the united states of america - tiny

lyrics to 'tiny christmas' by presidents of the united states of america. you know christmas time is a lovely time of the year you can crack a little soda, get a present, and have yourself a beer you can make everybody scream when you dress up like santa and come down the stairs

step into boeing's next-gen 747-8 intercontinental (photos

suite located in the upper deck of the newly designed 747-8 intercontinental, this is a suite, featuring a fully-flat bed, a comfortable armchair, a personal tv screen and a degree of privacy.

stair tread nose overhang? - fine homebuilding

if you're going to add a small cove (3/4" x 7/8", for example) under each nose, then you'd definitely have to go with the larger overhang. lots of times, the exact overhang just depends on the unit run (i.e. tread depth without the nosing) and whatever size tread works out the best without having to spend time ripping them down on a table saw.