should a deck slope away from the house

grade slopes toward foundation under sloping deck

the deck is about 3 feet above the ground at the house and about feet above ground 14 feet away from the house. i've cled under to check it out there's just enough room to cl around and sure enough, the four feet closest to the house the old back fill has sunk about a foot, and in places there are bigger sink holes leading right to the basement wall.


your deck framing should slope away from the house, in our area it is typically 1/8 to 1/4 ' per 3 feet so over a 12 foot run you would notice a drop of 1/2 to 1 ' total thus washing water away from the house it should never drain towards.

proper deck slope

i am planning on building a deck 10' x 14' this summer and i want to slope it away from the house so that the water runs off away from the house and so that the water doesn't puddle on the deck

how much slope you need near a house in land grading

the consensus seems to be that a good slope to aim for when grading land extending out from a house foundation is about 6 inches for the first 10 feet that translates to a 'slope' of 5 percent . many professionals grade land successfully using a lesser slope than that, but those who wish to be on the safe side err on in the direction of the greater slope.

how to fix a deck that has risen and now slopes toward house

how to fix a deck that has risen and now slopes toward house. by milton sommerfeld stony plain, ab i have a 10x10 upper deck held up by 2 pillars. these pillars have raised and the water runs toward the door.

how to slope a concrete patio for drainage

ideally, this water should drain off of the patio and away from the foundation of your home, where it can help to water your grass or the plants in your garden. sloping your patio properly will ensure that the concrete surface has the proper drainage capability.

a deck pitch question

re: a deck pitch question unless there's some larger design issue, my open plank decks get somewhere around 3/16' per foot. no one can ever tell- your wine glasses aren't going to fall over, the guests aren't all going to roll down to the railing, whatever your fear is.

how much should a deck slope? garden guides

when building a traditional deck, you will need to slope the soil underneath the deck. it is this soil that collects the moisture, and you do not want the water pooling near your foundation. to this end, when preparing the surface for your deck, slope the ground away from the house about 1 inch for every 15 inches of space covered.

patio slabs, porch slabs, walks, and driveways slope away

impervious surfaces like patio slabs, sidewalks, and driveways that are within 10 feet of the home should slope away from the house. ensure that all patio slabs, porch slabs, walks, driveways, and other impervious surfaces that are installed within 10 feet of the foundation slope down and away from the foundation at a 2% grade.

existing concrete patio slopes towards house

you. would actually need the 4 inches at the end of the patio and it would have to be higher at the house for it to grade properly away from the house. if the existing patio is 20 feet deep, it would have to start at almost 5 inches at the house to create a 2% slope away.

deck or patio drainage for your inground swimming pool

pool patios or pool decks, should have a gentle slope of a rate of approximately one-quarter of an inch per foot of slab. the pool patio always needs to slope away from your inground swimming pool.

how to make a slope for water runoff using pavers home

how to make a slope for water runoff using pavers. the slope of the surface is adjusted to direct water away from the house. watch the water. it should flow down the slope and away from

should a deck attached to a house be sloped

should a deck that is attached to a house be sloped so that rain water will run away from the house? my neighbor just had his deck replaced and commented that after the first rainfall he came out of the house onto the deck and his feet got soaked from the standing rain water. i suggested that he ask the builder about it.

questionable deck slope trouble free pool

after much thought i believe the compromise that i will ask for is a wooden deck a level one over that section to hide the crazy slope. lets hope he goes for it to answer duraleigh's question, the slope from the pool to the drain is 4' over 12 ft which leads down to the drain.

front porch slope non-structural--int'l bldg and resid'l

my general take is that even as a porch, it is going to see water. standard of care would require a slope away from the building. the r401.3 requirement gets grey because it''s about grade, but the intent is clear enough: slope water and runoff away from the building. as for a deck with normal 2x decking that allow drainage through it; i''m torn.

deck framing

re: deck framing - level or not. only slope it if it holds water. a deck with spaced boards does not hold water, so it won't shed water, so build it level. a deck with t and g boards holds water, so slope it away at least 1/8 pf preferably more 1/16 pf isn't even enough to compensate for crowned joists or errors.

decking slope

the boards are going to run parallel to the house. i have an old pensioner and two kids in the house so don't really like the idea of pooled water or moss on the deck or it getting slipper so i definitely want to install a slope. my question is - can i have the slope going sideways so

how level should a deck be?

there needs to be some thought given to keeping water away from the house/deck intersection, both to keep water out of the house and to keep the ledger and siding from rotting. if you have a 3 foot slope in 12 feet of deck, that will certainly drain water well

slope a deck or a level deck?

if anything i frame my decks with a very slight slope back towards the house. i'm talking about just leaving the line when you cut the post, on your typical deck with joists attached to the ledger at the house, and cantilevered over a girder sitting on 6x6 posts. i also put a slight crown in the girder.

how to prevent water from building up on wood deck

this video would not apply to decks or walkways where there will be a space in between each deck board. watch this video to learn more about problems homeowners and remodeling contractors face

how to calculate outdoor deck pitch home guides sf gate

use the divided measurement as the total amount of slope for the deck in inches. a deck that projects 9 feet out from the house needs to slope 1.8 inches from the house to the farthest edge for

how to raise soil grade around the house hunker

step 4. fill in the rest of the area around the foundation to 10 feet out from the perimeter of the house. add dirt to lower heights as you move out away from the house to create a steady, gradual slope away from the foundation.

maintaining a good grade around your house

as mentioned, the ground should slope away from the house for several feet at a grade of at least 1 inch per foot. as an example, if you're using a 3-foot level, there should be a 3-inch difference between the two ends of the level. this may not seem like much, but it's all you need to keep water away from your house.

should a pool deck slope towards or away from the pool

from - steve talks about why it is so important that your pool deck slopes away from the pool.

should a deck be slightly sloped away from the house? i

it and 39;s not a bad idea slope the deck a little but it and 39;s not critical as long as you properly flashed the ledger/tie in where it meets the house. of course the deck must be level if it and 39;s not sloped away. any slope towards the house is not good, of course.

how to measure grading slope around a house foundation

using string and line level to measure ground slope 10 from foundation. to ensure proper drainage, the ground around your home should slope approximately 6 downhill away from the house foundation over the first 10 feet. heres how to measure the slope around your homes foundation.