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the original floorboards were not bad, but draughty, so we decided to put 3mm hardboard down first. the entire floor has been hardboarded, prior to kitchen units fitted on top. a local carpet/vinyl floor shop has told us the hardboard was a mistake; they say it is "not structurally strong" enough for vinyl floor, in a kitchen.

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laying hardboard on top of wooden floors, commonly floorboards, provides a smooth, flat subfloor for some types of new floor covering. hardboard is often used before laying carpet, sheet vinyl, and soft tiles such as cork, carpet and vinyl.

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hardboard is a 'cheaper' alternative to plywood and will not preform aswell. you can not bond to hardboard either. matt agrees with me, and he trains fitters. suppliers and installers of all types of carpet, vinyl, laminate flooring, real wood flooring and luxury vinyl tiles.

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lay the hardboard smooth side up for self-adhesive tiles and rough side up if using adhesive. follow the finished floor covering manufacturer’s instructions. use plywood under cork and vinyl tiles and always in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. if the floor is reasonably flat, use 3.5mm. use 6mm if the floor is very uneven.

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laying this hardboard will have increased the floor height. if the door opens into the room, you may have to remove the door and cut some off the bottom. if you need to do this, take into account the thickness of the new floor covering when you’re marking up the door.

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lining a floor with hardboard is one of the easiest way to level an uneven floor. if you are planning to lay vinyl sheet, tiles or even laminate, and your subfloor is old floorboards, it is more than likely that the floor will need to be levelled.

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