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i'm curious to find out about marine safe decking material. i am overhauling a pontoon from the ground up, and i'd like to use something other than carpet for the boat. is there any wood, besides the expensive teak and synthetic teaks that would work well? i'm looking for something in the $10-$15 per square foot price range or less thank you,

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originally, just about every pontoon boat came with marine plywood decking. then, many companies started using aluminum before switching back to plywood. my starcraft pontoon is 26 years old, and all of my decking is good--except for the small pieces on each side of my motor.

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marine plywood and our pontoon boat re-deck re-carpet kits come with everything you need to replace your boat decking and boat carpet. about us pontoon boat measurement guide we offer pontoon boat redeck recarpet kits, marine glue, and marine plywood by the sheet or in quantities.

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top-grade materials and components result in a line of pontoon boats ready for years of family fun and memories. robust design as previously mentioned, the deck of a pontoon boat is integral to the overall structure of the boat. our experience building top-quality boats has culminated in a robust design that assures the strength and integrity

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pontoon floor decking material. pontoon boat deck covering boating magazine 21 may 2013 if you have a favorite flooring material for a pontoon boat or an argument for or against a particular deck covering, please share it with us. pontoon boat decking kits - pontoonstuff.com pontoonstuff - restoring your pontoon is easier than you

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all i can say about the 3/16 pop rivets i used on my boat is that they were first put on in 1995 when it was originally built. there were some sheet metal screws used as well but when i dismantled the boat for the rebuild the screws were gone, the pop rivets had to be drilled out. that was last year in 2014. they were good enough for me.

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the decking of a pontoon must be rigid enough to attach seats, helms, fencing and controls, so its common for the wood to be 3/4 thick. some composite boats also use composite or a wood and composite mixture as decking materials. the composite decking is a strong alternative to solid wood decking and is also much lighter.

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everythingpontoon.com stainless steel decking screws are used in luxury pontoon boat. stainless steel decking screws 1 1/4' long can be applied with a phillips head bit or a square head bit. we recommend a square head for a strong bit. we also recommend stainless steel screws over zinc coated self-tapping screws because

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bennington pontoon boats are designed and constructed to ensure a quiet, smooth, comfortable and safe ride, even in rough waters. with the finest craftsmen and first-class upholstery, bennington is known for its durable and luxurious interiors.