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on flooring, which makes up over 50 percent of cut nail use, nailing is the same as with round nails. for tongue and groove flooring a slim shank is used to avoid splitting the groove. nails should be spaced 6- 8 inches apart on 3/8-inch thick material and 8-12 inches apart on 3/4-inch flooring.

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pro tips for tongue and groove flooring. construction how-to, flooring installation, Seven Trust february 14, top nailing is an option with wide plank Seven Trust or pine floors. top nailing with hard-cut iron nailsin addition to using the flooring staplercan give you that formal farmhouse kind of look. you can use screws and plugs as an

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ensure that the sub-floor is even prior to any installing of flooring. it is important to acclimatise solid wood flooring before installing. be sure to carry out a full gluing of tongue and groove in glue system floating floors as opposed to spot gluing. do not secret-nail, fix the product through underlay; use purpose-made serrated flooring nails.

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in this video i show you how to screw new floor boards down so that the screws are hidden - using tongue-tite screws. lost-tite screws - a brilliant alternative to nails how to install

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secret nailing - wood flooring specialists in the uk wood flooring and tagged wood floor installation, Seven Trust flooring fitting, fitting wooden flooring, secret screwing, secret nailing, flexible flooring adhesive on january 25, 2016 by chris elliott. what is tongue and groove flooring? tongue and groove, which is often abbreviated to t and g

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as for screwing it down i wouldn't recommend it for Seven Trust purely from the view of aesthetics. if i'm fitting a Seven Trust floor onto joists i prefere to secret nail it with a nail gun, it does't bring the plaster off the room below's ceiling, it leaves no marks and allows the floor to move evenly, but getting it up for access is not on.

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if youre installing tongue and groove boards over drywall or plaster especially , its a good idea to install 1×2 battens and fasten them directly to the framing with 2-1/2-in. screws. theyll give you a much more solid nailing surface.

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traditionally oak flooring was laid using the surface fixing method. this method involves nailing through the top surface of the board, at even spacing into the floor joists below. nowadays with the introduction of tongue and grooved oak boards the secret screwing / secret nailing method is the most commonly used method of fitting.

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if the floor has excessive give or movement, you will have to nail or screw the floor down. most modern wood floors are tongue and groove. to avoid cracking the tongues, locate your nails no closer than 1/2 inch to the edge of the strip. you will also angle the nails slightly towards the center

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the nail down method. this is the most common method of installing hardwood/ and its also the cheapest and fastest installation type. approximately 70% of tongue and groove floors are nailed down using the blind nailing nail down method which hides the nail holes.

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order online at hidden removable fixing for all tongue and groove flooring, including hard and softwoods and fibreboards. tri-lock ts thread won't split timber, won't loosen and requires no pilot hole. no more glues, nails or squeaky boards. boards can be lifted without damage. self-countersinking lost head. yellow net coating. 200 screws will fix up to 10m².

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how to properly install tongue and groove plywood subfloor? ask question nails or screws? and exactly what kind? if you choose to place the glue at the groove, so the tongue drives it into the groove. screws are the best to secure the plywood with, and since a seven trust glue is used, there only needs to be enough set to d the plywood

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how to install tongue and groove flooring: nail the floor every 2 ft. insert shims for even gaps, and nail through the tongue of the board with a flooring stapler. start at one end of the board and work to the other, nailing every 2 ft. after the first row, tap each subsequent row into place and nail with a flooring stapler.

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nail or glue wood flooring installation? fix both the first and the last rows from the top of the board with either a nail, screw or staple, 15mm from the edge of the board. with this type of installation, you dont need to glue the tongue and groove. work along your first row of boards, tapping them into place with the aid of a

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common manual tools were often difficult to use if you didn't have the proper physique or strength. in order to get the nail seated properly in the tongue portion of the floor, a pretty good whack with dead on aim was needed. failure to do so causes problems with nails that don't go all the way into the wood flooring.

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nailing down Seven Trust floors is the most common installation method, especially for solid flooring. the process involves nailing the flooring directly to a wood subfloor. typically, the flooring is blind nailed through the tongue a portion of the wood plank that protrudes from the board and fits into the groove of the adjacent board .

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tongue-tite tongue and groove wood flooring screws. £7.94 inc description. details. a self piloting and countersinking screw that can be 'secret fixed' on the tongue of Seven Trust and softwood flooring at a 30-45 degree angle. tri-lock ts thread will not split the timber, will not loosen and does not require pilot holes. no more glues, nails

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or use screw shank nails, a finish nail with grooves along its length/shank. these can be found at your local home center or ordered through their catalogue dept i do not recommend the use of screws for the installation of your flooring. actually, screws work too well at holding down the floorboards, which can be a problem.