new galvanice hollow replace timber

how can i build a long lasting low maintenance fence?

to summarise: both options involve concreting thee posts into the ground, but the first option uses timber posts, and the second concrete. which route should i take for a long-lasting, low-maintenance fence? looks are not especially important, and security is not really an issue. i'm prepared to pay more if it will last well.

repairing decks and railings the family handyman

photo 3: install the new board. cut the replacement board to length. then tap it into place with a hammer and a wood block. predrill pilot holes and drive a pair of 2-1/2-in. deck screws or galvanized nails into each cleat. fasten at all other joists as well.

how to build wood fence with metal posts

more info at: how to build wood cedar fence with existing metal posts. you won't see any metal and your fence posts will never rot. i

how to safely attach a deck to a house this old house

this old house general contractor tom silva shows how to save a wood deck from a catastrophic collapse. subscribe to this old house:

why update your wooden fence with metal posts

it's no secret that if you have a traditional wood fence, eventually your fence posts will rot and need to be replaced. digging up the posts and replacing them can be a lot of work. that's why it might be time to update your wooden fence with metal posts.

exterior steel door costs

average cost to install exterior steel doors is about $613 exterior steel door replacement . find here detailed information about exterior steel door costs.

what's the wooden frame inside a hollow core door like

what's the wooden frame inside a hollow core door like? posted by chartiers on tuesday, may 15, 2007 5:56 pm i'm starting a new n scale layout on a 36' hollow core door and wanted to know a little more about the interior of the door itself. i know most of the inside is a corrugated cardboard or such, but what is the size of the wooden frame

repairing a broken fence post

repairing a broken fence post by once the footing has set, reattach the fence using new galvanized nails. correcting a wobbly post. something like this will leave you with no choice but to replace the post with a new one. in fact, if you have any doubt about the integrity of a fence post, the best thing to do is simply replace it.


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fence post repair guide know when to replace or mend

fence post repair can be quick and easy. fix broken posts without removing from the ground, saving you time and money. find out how to use fence post anchors, fence post spikes and fence post menders for your vinyl or wood fence post project. whether you are a fence contractor or weekend warrior, fence post repair can be a simple do-it-yourself job with a little help from fence daddy.

how to fasten door frames to concrete, brick or block

purchase anchors. when placing a door in an opening, these doors must be fastened to the base material that is present in this location. most frequently, this base material will be concrete, brick or block and will require the use of special concrete fasteners.door frames may range from solid wood to hollow steel.

typical life expectancy of building components element

typical life expectancy of building components page 1 of 3 substructure foundations 110 frame steel frame 83 concrete frame 81 timber frame 69 laminated timber frame 65 space frame 73 upper floors profiled steel and reinforced concrete floor 71 typical life expectancy of building components page 2 of 3 element component name typical life

steel studs vs. wood studs for residential framing

there was a time when the use of steel studs in residential building applications was considered exotic. its use was limited mostly to builders or home remodeling professionals, and diyers barely knew they existed and almost never used them in projects. you could only buy them at specialty building supply outlets and rarely saw them at standard consumer stores.


i need to replace a wooden fence post that was set into concrete. the post has snapped through rot at the base and the rot has set in so far that the post snapped about 2 inches beneath the surface

how to install, repair, remove, replace a fence post the

how to install, repair, remove, replace a fence post the easy way repair and replace broken fence posts and poles easily as long as things are thought ahead and you used the fence post socket

the inside of this red oak log was incredible

after years of being passed over this log had a secret under its bark, amazing walnut timber - duration: 15:58. out of the woods 1,786,049 views

type hb hollo-bolt

type hb hollo-bolt the original expansion bolt for structural steel with full seismic approval from icc-es for all seismic design categories a through f . suitable for hollow sections, tubes and where access is available from one side only.

solid wood vs. hollow-core doors

the makeup of a hollow-core door is significantly different, with a honeycomb cardboard interior encased by fiberboard, or veneer, compared with the all wood composition of a solid door. hollow-core door benefits: cost less that solid wood doors. lightweight makes them easier to install.

port of port townsend

port of port townsend point hudson marina breakwater improvement project 1 june 8th 2016 new acza treated timber piling steel cable wrapped around new piling supplemental armor rock breakwater history - facility 5 . 6 new galvanized cable.

know your material: wood vs. steel posts

even though pre-galvanized steel is structurally designed for durability, salty water or acid rain can accelerate corrosion. cost apart from being a cheap seven trust material, wood is easy to cut, carve, and hammer together. as a result, you will find it relatively inexpensive to purchase and install timber fencing posts.

in contact with treated wood american galvanizers

in contact with treated wood. only two corrosion protection systems are recommended for use with these pressure treatment chemicals: hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel. the hot-dip galvanized coating provides a thicker layer of zinc than other zinc-coated fasteners. hot-dip galvanized steel can withstand the harsh chemicals and

remove and replace an old lintel

removing an expanded lintel which has cracked the wall. using the as170 the bricks were quickly and easily removed and reused. a new lintel was put in and the bricks reinstalled.

fire-rated steel door costs

average cost to install fire-rated steel doors is about $679 fire-rated steel door replacement . find here detailed information about fire-rated steel door costs.