how much should i budget for and pergola

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special feature it budgets 2016: a cio's guide. it's budget planning time for technology decision makers as they look ahead to next year and plan on where to focus their it resources to make the

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so far, the pergola has been up over four years, and there’s been no sagging. make sure when you put the headers in that you do so with the crown up, and if there is any sagging as gravity works its magic, the headers will end up being strht. since there isn’t really much load on them, they should last a long time with no droopiness.

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just choose comfortable furniture for the pergola and you will be happy under the shade of a pergola, no matter how much or little it costs. of course, if you have a more liberal budget, you can create a large and elaborate pergola and you might find yourself spending more time in the pergola than in your house.

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everyone wants to know whether they need to give gifts at work, how much to spend, and what to buy. this list of do's and don'ts will help you maneuver your way through the holiday season.

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in short, every line on the budget should tell a story that maps back to your it strategy. if you've done a good job of communicating and sharing that strategy, it will shift the budgetary process

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it budgets 2017-18: what the surveys tell us. businesses notoriously dislike uncertainty, so how is the current geopolitical climate affecting it budgeting?

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this should lessen the back and forth debates about funding between finance and it over how much investment should go into it activities and assets since everyone will be up to speed on it cost