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to repair textured drywall, start by using a 5-gallon bucket to mix together 5 parts powdered drywall mix and 30 parts water. then, prep the damaged wall by sanding it with a piece of 100 to 120 grit sandpaper before applying the drywall compound with a knife or brush.

any way to improve wow textures? - pc/mac/linux society

any way to improve wow textures? but then the game would detect a "broken" texture and proceed to "repair" it. in pvp for example you could change certain textures so you could see through

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but i'm in solitude. and if i look at a window, the road texture pops in completely, and the ground consists of road mostly, no grass. look down a little and the road has a bit of grass around it. look down more and the grass has texture like it's brick road, but the appearance is grass. same goes with the vines on the walls.

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crysis 2 texture bug [ badly pixelated textures ] is there any way to fix this or do i have to reinstall crysis 2 and simply start the game somehow without downloading the 1.9 patch

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hey guys, i know many of you are experiencing frame stuttering in far cry 3 for pc and i have found a solution which reduces it significantly - we'll just have to wait until amd and nvidia release

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leah demonstrates how to patch and repair a wall with an orange peel texture seamlessly, so that no one will ever know the patch is there! get orange peel te

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in either case the repaired are will be smooth, which will be a problem if you have textured walls. this texture, often called orange peel, helps hide flaws in the drywall. the solution is to treat the repair area with texture in a can. test the spray first on a scrap piece of cardboard, so that you can match the texture of your walls.

5 methods for repairing orange-peel texture on walls

one of the newest ways to repair textured walls and ceilings is with a gravity-fed, manually powered pressure sprayer. this technique will be most appropriate if you have very large areas of damage or are applying a new orange-peel texture to entire wall surfaces.

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has anyone figured out what causes the textures to disapear in the dlc? i checked the nexus (not too well, but pretty well) and don't seva fix to the problem and the unofficial patch isn't the problem nor does it fix it. it's kinda hard going through the fun house when all the walls are invisible. i have the wall invisibility in the game as well.

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removing texture. adding texture to a wall is simple, but removing it is another matter. use a paint roller to apply a mixture of 1 part wallpaper-removal solution, or wallpaper stripper, to 4

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paint roller news - comic vine. paint roller character paint roller appears in 1 issues . a boss character who is an artist on the go, and always wears a pair of roller skates to travel at high speeds.