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as for lifespan, this deck type will last several decades. further adding to the value and security of capped polymer decking from is the warranty, which includes a 50-year limited fade & stain warranty and a limited lifetime warranty against material defects.

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under most conditions, heartwood grades have a life span of at least 20 years. in short, if redwood decking is to be used on or near soil, the durability of heartwood grades is essential to the project, and the higher cost is of these grades is worth the investment when considering the lifespan of the grade. environmentally-friendly decking

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redwood decks - giving them new life. 2010 q:i have a redwood deck that is approximately 30 years old. i've read that that is about the life expectancy of a redwood deck, but it still looks

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there usually are clear signs when a deck is at the end of its life span. the deck frame begins to sag as rot makes the wood susceptible to termites. termites eat their way through the wood, creating channels that allow water to seep in and accelerate the rotting process. this makes the wood even more vulnerable to termites, and starts an

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life span is easily more than 20 years. disadvantages: both are expensive. redwood sapwood - the newer wood closer to the bark - rots when exposed for sustained periods to moisture. cedar sapwood breaks down quickly in moist conditions. availability: redwood and cedar are sold in all standard dimensions. cedar 5/4x6-in. deck boards are easy to