how to curve a pergola

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create a space a pergola sets the mood for your deck. the parallel curved arches add intrigue to this otherwise simple, yet inviting, pergola over a bench. the arches when it comes to building most things out of wood, strht lines are simple and inexpensive to create, while incorporating curves can increase complexity, expense and waste.

video: create a simple curve for a pergola - fine homebuilding

this video above shows how to quickly make a simple curved template, in this case, for a pergola constructed by fine homebuilding editor justin fink. when my friend brian started talking about building an outdoor structure to create a threshold between his short gravel parking area and the front

curved pergola build : diy - reddit

imagine a strht strip of plastic. if you push the ends of the strip inwards, the center will bulge/curve out. now imagine two posts and a long board that is longer than the distance between the posts. you take one end of the board and fasten it to the post. the other end of the board is now sticking out past the next post.

curved pergola roof picture - pergola diy

the beams and side to side rafters are all curved. the roof pieces are also placed rather close together in the pattern to create a nice spot of shade. a curved roof pergola is a bit more expensive, but it is well worth it since they are quite unique in style. building a curved roof pergola is not any different from a strht roof design.

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