repairing water damaged laminate flooring

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if you’re thinking about your flooring needs, check out these pros and cons before you buy. laminate Seven Trust the potential for water damage is the same as that of its more rarefied twin

laminate floors and heavy appliances - not about food

read the laminate floors and heavy appliances discussion from the chowhound not about food, kitchen remodel food community. but over time would their weight damage the floor? reply j. janet aug 17, 2006 06:23 am we were told by the our floor store not to use a laminate with heavy appliances. they said it would dent/pop. water is the

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i also keep a large rug under my sink and prep area to absorb water, mostly. i think you will find that water is the biggest enemy of this floor, so you need to pay attention if it gets wet. i really like this floor much more than tile or stone, and i will probably put the same floor in my next kitchen when the time comes.

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laminate flooring, by design, will last many years with little effort. wet mopping, plumbing leaks, major liquid spills and flooding will begin breaking down the composition of the laminate material. fix any leaks to prevent further damage. all areas of laminate that become loose, discolored or

how can i fix water damaged laminate floor without

half the floor is water damaged after someone used too much water to mop (and let the water stand). is there any way to make it look better without replacing the laminate? thanks.

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metacritic tv episode reviews, repairing a laminate countertop/repairing a sinking brick walkway/air filters for forced-air heating & cooling systems, tom silva shows kevin o'connor how to repair damaged laminate countertops and roger cook helps a homeowner rebuild a brick walkway. richa

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