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the ip teaching kit iptk is a follow-up to the successful patent teaching kit launched in 2010 by the european patent academy of the european patent office epo . with the iptk you have at your disposal free of charge an extensive set of professional teaching materials which represents one of the

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unpatented materials including biological materials . means cell lines, organisms, proteins, plasmids, dna/rna, chemical compounds, transgenic animals and other materials useful for research or for commercial purposes for which patent applications are not filed or, if filed, do not issue, where such materials are developed by persons covered

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a biological patent is a patent on an invention in the field of biology that by law allows the patent holder to exclude others from making, using, selling, or importing the protected invention for a limited period of time.the scope and reach of biological patents vary among jurisdictions, and may include biological technology and products, genetically modified organisms and genetic material.

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patent protection: everything you need to know. patent protection allows inventors of a new product or design to have exclusive rights to make, sell, use, and/or import the item throughout the united states. 7 min read

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a heat protection material for a surface, made of a mixture comprising a resin, cork granules and refractory fibers, wherein the proportion of cork granules in the mixture is 50 to 80% by mass.

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however, the scope of patent protection can change as a result of the reissue patent. defensive publication def issued instead of a regular utility, design, or plant patent, it offers limited protection, defensive in nature, to prevent from patenting an invention, design, or plant.

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use of this notice alerts the public that your article may soon be patent protected and that once a patent is issued, you have the right to initiate a patent infringement lawsuit against someone who is potentially infringing on that patent and wherein you seek monetary damages or other remedies for the copying, etc. of your patented article.

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a utility patent is the most powerful form of protection, but also the most difficult to attain see requirements below , and last 20 years from the date of filing. design patents protect non-functional, purely ornamental designs. for design patents, applicants don't have to prove 'utility,' step 3 above.

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patent protection and seven trust materials: the convention on biological diversity and its implications for u.s. policy on the development and commercialization of biotechnology cheryl d. hardy* 1. introduction as the united states seeks to maintain its edge in an

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patentable, statutory or patent-eligible subject matter is subject matter which is susceptible of patent protection. the laws or patent practices of many countries provide that certain subject-matter is excluded from patentability, even if the invention is novel and non-obvious.together with novelty, inventive step or nonobviousness, utility, and industrial applicability, the question of

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there are three types of patents - utility, design, and plant. general information concerning patents; utility patent. utility patents may be granted to anyone who invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, or compositions of matters, or any new useful improvement thereof.

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patent protection. a patent is a right, granted by the united states to an inventor, to exclude others from making, using, an inventor can also use 'patent pending' on their products and marketing materials after a patent application is filed. there are currently over 7 million united states patents issued to inventors.

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patent requirements. need more guidance? see our new guidance on patent applications patent application guidance. section 101 of the u.s. patent act sets forth the general requirements for patent protection in a single sentence: . whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvements thereof, may obtain a

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a method protecting building structures against termites comprising over the entire erection surface exposed by digging erection of the structure a non-porous film of plastic material impregnated throughout the film with a low concentration of an insecticide whereby the insecticide slowly diffuses.

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patent protection in the eu patents an incentive for innovationa patent is a legal title that can be granted for any invention having a technical character provided that it is new, involves an inventive step, and is susceptible to industrial application.

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patents - chemistry and materials . effective patent protection requires a genuine understanding of the science. at mewburn ellis we employ people with a real academic interest in their subject. over half of our attorneys hold phds. back. we work across all areas of chemistry.

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from materials that improve industrial and household products to coatings and insulations that protect satellites, machinery, and firefighters, nasa technologies offer smart solutions for modern challenges. with peerless technical capabilities, nasa has a long history of finding new, inventive uses for its space and aeronautics technologies.

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design patents are, in my opinion, an unfortunately overlooked patent. while a single design patent is a weak form of protection, they can be obtained quickly, rather inexpensively, and you can

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the right to obtain patent protection on living material: the causes and consequences of the united states supreme court decision in the case of diamond v. chakrabarty by kevin f. howe a thesis submitted to the graduate faculty in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

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what are improvement patents and new use patents? improvement and new use patents are for inventions that improve on or feature new uses for existing inventions. when you're looking for patentable innovations, be sure to consider improvements made to existing products. this class of patents -- called improvement inventions -- are issued frequently.

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general information concerning patents patent pro bono program for independent inventors and small businesses the program provides free legal assistance to under-resourced inventors interested in securing patent protection for their inventions.

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material science. material science is a demanding sector undergoing non-stop development. consequently, protecting intellectual property if very critical in this sector. our patent attorney in the sector of material science. our team of patent attorneys in this sector have a background in materials and nanotechnology. they are not only experts

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patent protection. prev next . an illustration from u.s. patent 5,375,430, a 'gravity-powered shoe air-conditioner.' like many inventions, this device does not introduce any new concepts, but instead combines two existing concepts in an original way. the shoes, patented in 1994 by israel siegel, are powered by the walking motion of the user.

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why file a patent when you can file two? a provisional patent, for example, affords inventors an extra year of time in order to decide if and how to file a utility patent. a provisional patent application is just one example of how an inventor can use multiple patent filings to mitigate risk, hedge a bet, or expand patent protection.

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atcc is an international depository authority ida for biological material for the purposes of patenting under the budapest treaty on the international recognition of the deposit of microorganisms for the purposes of patent procedure. atcc assumes no liability for the correctness of the depositors information concerning patent deposits.

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patents provide incentives to and protection for individuals by offering them recognition for their creativity and the possibility of material reward for their inventions. at the same time, the obligatory publication of patents and patent applications facilitates the mutually-beneficial spread of new knowledge and accelerates innovation

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the invention belongs to the technical field of spaceflight, relates to a thermal protection material for an outer layer of a space orbit spacecraft, and aims to improve thermal protective performance of the material and reduce the material density. the fundamental principle of the material is as follows: in a space microgravity environment, gas is very weak in natural convection and heat