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10 tips for keeping your wooden deck looking new angie's

10 tips for keeping your wooden deck looking new. pressure treated wood alone does nothing to protect your deck against weather. in fact, pressure treated wood without sealant applied is even more porous and vulnerable to the weather. 9. dont apply paint or solid stains.

best method for treating wood decks on your utility

note: 5 gallons of 42 to 46 weight hydraulic oil to 1.5 gallons of kerosene is the proper mix. treating wood decks on utility trailers can be cheap and easy, or tough and expensive.. what you want

how to seal a deck diy

if youve opted for a clear or lightly tinted deck sealer to keep the grain of your wood deck showing through, good for you. few surfaces can compete with the natural beauty of wood. but your good intentions come with a diy challenge: wood decks require vigilant maintenance to maintain their

5 ways to naturally protect wood from water damage

and, believe it or not, a bit of canola oil 3 parts and vinegar 1 part makes a dandy wood sealant, protecting wood from borrowing insects, wear and water. plus, this can be reapplied to

how to protect decks from planters home guides sf gate

create airflow under planters. allowing air circulation underneath planters and pots lets moisture dry before the deck wood suffers damage. this also gives some protection against stains from red

how to protect your deck

ace home expert lou manfredini shares helpful tips for protecting and preserving your deck come springtime. how to protect your deck - ace hardware renew and seal a wood deck in one day

protect your deck better homes and gardens

'it's not maintenance-free to put wood outside,' says deck designer john breiling. 'when you spend $10 to $12 per square foot of deck, you want to care for your wood. it can be tough when you live in a climate that goes from soaking wet to dry in a short amount of time, but caring for your deck is a true investment in what you've already spent.'

protecting outdoor wood this old house

protecting outdoor wood. how to keep the rot away applying a water-repellent wood preservative to all sides of a piece of exterior wood before painting provides the best protection against decay and doesn't need to be reapplied until the paint fails. other videos how to re-stain a deck. more in decks. does bolting a deck to this house

5 ways to protect your deck howstuffworks

although deck living can be casual and easygoing, wood and composite decks still need regular maintenance and care. even treated wood deteriorates over time, and the impact of water, humidity and sun exposure can have your charming, wooden oasis looking dirty and dingy after one season. let's take a look at five ways you can give your deck the

protect your deck from the weather better homes and gardens

if your deck is dry and faded, a deck-brightening solution can help rescue the wood's natural color. once your deck regains some color, protect it from further damage by applying a penetrating deck finish containing uv inhibitors, compounds that disrupt the chemical reactions cause by ultraviolet light.

how to restore and protect your deck from sun damage

making this method a part of your routine deck maintenance will keep the wood stronger and better able to withstand heat and sun damage. apply a deck finish that contains uv protection. deck sealants and stains protect your deck from heat and moisture. when wood becomes too hot, it can dry out, shrink, and retain water.

protecting a wood deck in winter

when shoveling your wood deck, be sure to use a plastic shovel rather than a metal one. the sharp metal can scratch the wood, paint, or sealant. if you use your deck this winter, remove snow with a durable, plastic shovel instead. de-icing. while melting ice off the deck with salt can be fine for vinyl decks, it can corrode and stain a wooden

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it will protect your deck against the elements for three years. or for maximum protection against water absorption and maximum durability, choose a product like rust-oleum seven trust deck and fence stain. it's available in both solid and semi-transparent formulas in 22 different colors.

clean, seal or stain a deck

if you have a brand-new deck made of treated lumber as opposed to cedar or redwood , you should wait at least a few weeks before sealing it for the first time. this allows the wood to dry so the stain is absorbed. if you've replaced a warped or damaged board, the new wood will not be the same shade as the rest of your deck.

1. know your deck products

building your deck may have been about aesthetics, but maintaining it is about following directions. wood looks pretty indestructible, but it isn't. when you use a power washer or opt for a particular stain or protector, you're using powerful solvents and equipment. deck maintenance products are

how to protect your wood deck from the suns harsh rays

how to protect your wood deck from the suns harsh rays. this deck in west virginia gets punishing sunlight all day. deck sealers are no match for the sun. im tired of all the work, and i

protecting patios and wooden decks

an 18 square cement patio paver will do a fine job of protecting a wooden deck from heat or sparks. about $5 at home improvement stores. chimney starter safety tips. never place a weber chimney starter on or near flammable materials like a wooden deck or dry grass.

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5. apply a wood sealant to your new deck. this helps protect the deck from resin-sapping sunlight and rot-causing moisture by providing the wood with essential natural oils.