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soak the bender boards in water and gently bend them to conform to the stakes and the curve. nail them to the stakes, cut the stakes off at a 45-degree angle, and cover with soil as before. brick: a brick edging is fairly easy. dig a trench slightly wider and as long as the edging you need to install.

field construction underway in kenan stadium

"installing synthetic grass at kenan stadium not only is the best option for our football team and football game days it also benefits our other varsity programs that may want to use kenan as

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bend-a-board. using bend-a-board for your artificial grass installation is optional but recommended.. the bend-a-board to be used here is distinct from a landscaping bend-a-board or a wonder edge product that are used mostly for aesthetic purposes. the sub-grade bend-a-board in artificial grass serves a structural purpose as a nail board along the perimeter of your project to provide a

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lawn header board edging covers the advantages and key points of using synthetic wood products for lawn edging. for more please watch the video. to learn more about this and many other landscape

timeline announced for grass installation

the university of arkansas released an estimated timeline of how and when they will make the full transition from turf to grass inside donald w. reynolds razorback stadium. the transition has

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download help center the following tips will help you overcome common download problems, find your downloads, and install them with confidence.

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description. at simple turf we carry the highest quality bend-a-board edging for all types of synthetic grass installations. simple turf offers a variety of lengths and thicknesses to fit the needs of the even the most complicated turf projects.

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i'd like a grass field, hedges and a walk-way at the bottom so you can walk-around the field and kids can throw a football at half-time. landscape and upgrade the new property edge fences. the

natural grass arrives in fayetteville -

natural grass that was cultivated in memphis arrived in fayetteville on monday morning and the installation process inside donald w. reynolds razorback stadium has already begun. the grass is a

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bender board fail along artificial grass edge due to poor installation. bender board trim for artificial grass. well built, a bender board edging can provide distinct lines between the artificial grass and garden or walkway materials. available in a variety of colors and materials, we typically specify no less than a 2 inch wide by 4 to 6 inch