how to take down rotting pergola

how to take down a pergola same day junk removal

the crew will not only take the structure down completely, but will also haul it off, saving you the time and money in the long run. steps to take down a pergola safely. pergolas generally stand about 8 to 10 feet high and can be as big a 8×10-feet or even larger.

replacing an outdoor pergola

rot can cause the wood to crumble or dislodge, an event that could allow other parts of the outdoor pergola to move unexpectedly. step 2 remove all furniture and plants. before you disassemble the old pergola, remove all furniture and plants from the area. make sure the work area is clear, even the area extending beyond the pergola.

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towing a trailer: everything you need to know. from selecting the right tow vehicle to hooking up and loading a trailer, here's our how-to guide for towing safely.

durian fruit - general discussion - chowhound

i love the stuff! i am even known to stoop down to take long whiffs of the pungent fruit whenever i'm in the asian supermarket!!! yum! one decadent way that i've eaten it before is in durian cendol - a se asian concoction of green pandan-flavoured 'jelly', coconut milk, gula melaka (palm sugar), and shaved ice, topped off with chunks of luscious durian.

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front porch pergola for our farmhouse - lehman lane

front porch pergola for our farmhouse *this post contains affiliate links for more information check out my disclosure page here* the first thing we did was take down the faux beam that required the tall members of our family (def not jason and i 🙂 to duck down before going through our front door.

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