minecraft hidden floor staircase

hidden staircase doorway! - minecraft tutorial - youtube

hidden staircase doorway! - minecraft tutorial cubey. loading unsubscribe from cubey? 10 secret entrances your friends will never find in minecraft! - duration: 12:02.

minecraft - easy completely hidden stairs with secret

minecraft - easy completely hidden stairs with secret lever.: first of all this is my first instructable!! so excited and nervous, my and i had a number of friends on our minecraft server who kept stealing our things so we decided to create a secret underground treasure room with a secret lever to stop peopl

minecraft tutorial: 2 wide hidden staircase - youtube

it's nothing new but i never ever did a video on a 2 wide staircase so i decided to deliver a compact and easy to build design :) 10 secret entrances your friends will never find in minecraft

piston problems? - minecraft: xbox 360 edition answers for

for minecraft: xbox 360 edition on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs answers question titled "piston problems?". i'm trying to make a secret passage way type door using sticky pistons. then i laid a red stone trail under the blocks i used as a floor making sure that the trail was connected to the block with the torch and made sure the trail went

how to make 5 hidden staircases in minecraft! - youtube

leave a like if you enjoyed this little video! today we take a look at 5 different hidden staircase designs! each one of these has been developed to hide away your base perfectly! some of them

ideas for interior decorating. - minecraft: xbox 360

for minecraft: xbox 360 edition on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled "ideas for interior decorating.". if you make a wall out of stairs (wood or cobble, both work) then put light behind it, the light will shine through a bit. then, you can make the floor out of slabs so that nothing can spawn in said room. it's actually a

need puzzle and trap room ideas. - minecraft: xbox 360

as some are well aware, i'm creating a challenge dungeon, but i need ideas. i'm thinking of making a door puzzle where you place red stone and a piston or two move and you have to complete a hidden circuit to open the door, but i need more ideas! post your idea and if i like it, i'll put it in. design schematics will help but are optional.

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lyrics to 'counting stars' by onerepublic: lately, i've been, i've been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be but, baby, i've been, i've been praying hard said, no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars

minecraft tutorial: tiny hidden staircase - youtube

this is actually the first time i'm making a tutorial on this kind of hidden staircase. there are a lot of other designs but this one was made completely from scratch and is also very compact and

getting really mad ..stupid sticky pistons - minecraft

ok need serious help, i'm making a false 4 tile floor which would lead to a ladder, i have 8 sticky pistons 4 to push and pull the blocks up and down on the floor and another 4 to retract the previous 4 pistons to open the floor for the ladder.

rooms in a mansion/fortress ideas needed - minecraft

observatory museum or display room library for a washroom, toilets can be made with stairs and water in a hole. showers are also easy, put two signs on right angles to a block and add water at the top. if you make either of the above deep enough you can add a secret passage coming out of it. believe me, no one ever checks those.