how to remove a scratch from laminate flooring

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how to repair laminate floor scratches. laminate flooring is very scratch-resistant, but even the toughest floorboards need a touch-up now and then. scratches can occur when you move heavy furniture or drop items on the floor. shallow

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we swapped out the dying white appliances for new white appliances, put new laminate tile over the ugly vinyl flooring, new lighting, and we are saving our pennies until we fully pay off the house and the kids are teens, then we are going to gut the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, remove a wall, new floors throughout and step out of the late 70s.

how to easily remove scratches from laminate floors

just like scratch removal from wood, the simplest technique for hiding minor scratches in laminate flooring is to apply a filling pencil or marker. if you already have one for using in similar colored wood flooring, you can use the same for laminate floors too.

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clean your laminate floor thoroughly with water and a sponge, and allow it to dry completely before attempting to buff out any scratches. for spray-on scratch treatments, simply spray the scratched surface with the treatment, and buff the liquid out of the laminate with a clean lint-free cloth.

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those who are wondering about removing scratches from laminate flooring need only a few simple tools and a little time on their hands. laminate floor repair kit for scratches. if your laminate is showing signs of small or minor scratches, you may want to visit your local hardware store in order to pick up a laminate repair kit.

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read the using pre-finished wood flooring in a kitchen discussion from the chowhound cookware, kitchen remodel food community. pre-finished wood flooring should be fine. i think a laminate floor would be a disaster, since you wouldn't be able to sand or buff out scrapes. reply join the conversation! scratches and dents aren't really a

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how to remove scratches & scrapes on laminate flooring

the key to a successful repair of a scratch or scrape on laminate flooring is matching the color of the floor. whenever possible, contact the manufacturer of the flooring to get your repair kit