is plastic lumber as good as wood

wood as a building material timber lumber

the words 'lumber' and 'timber' are often used interchangeably to refer to wood used in construction work, but there has been considerable debate as to which term should apply in a given scenario. pieces of wood that are smaller than 5 inches wide by 5 inches thick regardless of length are generally referred to as lumber.

is plastic lumber as strong as wood?

yes as to compression and no as to flexure modulus of elasticity . key challenge is it is 3 times cost of wood timber which limits some applications. it is also heavier than wood, perhaps as much as 50% more. for example a 2x4 - 8 long might wei

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two primary types of plastic lumber are available. one is all plastic. the other is a composite made of plastic and wood fiber. some of the plastic that goes into this lumber is new, but most comes from recycled milk jugs, pop bottles, grocery bags and similar waste plastic. the manufacturers of the composite plastic lumber add ground-up waste wood. this

product comparison

while the initial cost of plastic lumber is higher, the product is a better value over time. plastic is typically softer than wood or wood-composites and is susceptible to expansion and contraction from variable temperatures.

wood as a building material timber lumber

wood is also the perfect example of an environmentally sustainable product; it is biodegradable and renewable, and carries the lowest carbon footprint of any comparable building material. in addition, no high-energy fossil fuels are required to produce wood, unlike other common building materials such as brick, steel or plastic.

plastic wood a new material that is replacing lumber in

plastic wood is a substitute for lumber so it conceivably saves trees. but plastic wood during manufacturing is emission intensive when compared to the environmental impact of harvesting natural timber, cutting it and delivering it to your local lumberyard.

what is plastic lumber? with pictures

composite lumber typically includes wood chips or shavings, with the plastic providing structural support, making it sturdier than fiberboard and other products made from compressed shredded wood. fiber-reinforced plastic lumber is made with recycled plastic and glass, and it is extremely strong and very durable.

plastic lumber 100% recycled plastic lumber available in

recycled plastic lumber. the largest selection of 100% recycled plastic lumber sizes, colors, and grades available in the marketplace available at markstaar today maintenance free, 50 year warranty, with no wood by-products. contact sales at 603-671-3341.

advantages and disadvantages of recycled plastic lumber

recycled plastic lumber has many useful attributes such as being impermeable to water. but there are some disadvantages to go along with the advantages of this green building material. find out what those assets and liabilities are right here.

recycled plastic lumber

plastic lumber: a durable alternative to wood recycled plastic lumber is an extruded, recycled plastic material that replaces its wood counterparts in high moisture, high abuse applications. this product uses plastic waste from consumer and industrial sources to produce an exceptionally versatile material.

the advantages of wood as a building material

wood has a higher insulation rating than either steel or plastic as a result of its natural cellular structure. this means that homes and buildings require less energy to maintain heating and cooling, plus wood can help regulate humidity levels to a small degree.

what is plastic lumber rpl plastic lumber yard pergola

plastic lumber works like wood it can be shaped using conventional woodworking tools. at the same time, it is waterproof and resists all types of rot and mold, although it is not as rigid as wood and may slightly deform in extremely hot weather. plastic lumber is not sensitive to staining from a variety of agents.

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plastic and wood fiber. some of the plastic that goes into this lumber is new, but most comes from recycled milk jugs, pop bottles, grocery bags and similar waste plastic. the manufacturers of the composite plastic lumber add ground-up waste wood. this makes the lumber stiffer than the all-plastic type. you may find flecks of other colored

recycled plastic lumber manufacturers hdpe plastic lumber

hdpe plastic lumber by bedford technology is a strong and durable building material that can be customized for a wide variety of commercial applications. our hdpe plastic lumber is manufactured using high-density polyethylene hdpe , primarily sourced from post-consumer products like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles.

plastic lumber tests stronger than wood lumber

plastic lumber tests stronger than wood lumber. the company has tested the plastic lumber and found that cold temperatures do not make it brittle, which is a common problem with plastics. in fact, just the opposite happens; the proprietary formula used in the plastic makes the plastic stronger in colder temperatures.

what is the best way to bond plastic to wood?

they dry up in minutes, they are sandable and paintable, and they can bond plastics as well. if you need to bond plastic to wood, pick up a wood glue that clearly specifies on the label that it can bond plastics. then prepare the surfaces to be bond by sanding them down lightly so that they bond better together.

wood vs. plastic

plastic/pvc composites as environmental tensions rise, many consumers have begun to look for alternative materials to substitute for wood. these materials, predominantly plastic/pvc composites, for many reasons, are actually far worse for the environment.

should you build your deck from wood or plastic?

plastic lumber. composite decking. composite decking, such as seven trust, seven trust, and veranda, is a hybrid product that's composed primarily of wood fibers and recycled plastic. the result is a dense, heavy, and weather- and stain-resistant deck board that won't splinter, warp, rot,or split.

recycled plastic lumber v.s. certified wood

what's a better choice for use in a public project: recycled plastic lumber or certified wood black locust, etc. ? i've been back and forth with representatives from manufacturers who produce recycled plastic lumber products, all who boast of rpl's superiority when compared to natural wood. i've

should you build your deck from wood or plastic?

wood is still the king of decking materials, but the widespread acceptance and availability of manufactured 'plastic' lumber has continued to grow among diyers and professional deck builders alike.

plastic vs. wood

one of the biggest factors in deciding on wood versus plastic pallets is the cost of the pallet itself. in general, youll have a lower initial outlay for a wood pallet. plastic pallets, on the other hand, have a high initial cost. this is why many companies use wood pallets when theyre just getting started.

how green is recycled plastic lumber? fox news

plastic lumber, which costs three times as much as some wood, may be more susceptible to warping and discoloration and can melt under a tabletop camping grill. it's also more likely to sag under a