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i love experimenting with different diy techniques and, as both an avid maker of things and a volunteer firefighter, i feel duty bound to show you this really cool diy charred wood tutorial also known as shou sugi ban, a japanese wood burning technique.dont quote me on this, but my research indicates that shou sugi ban means burnt cedar board and its a centuries old

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charred wood faq, traditional japanese burnt wood aka. shou sugi ban or yakisugi the term shou-sugi-ban is japanese and literally translates to burnt cedar board. the term is commonly used to describe the centuries old japanese technique of charring sugi cedar planks used for residential siding, fencing, and

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like all natural wood siding materials, the siding needs to be oiled every year, spray the oil onto the siding and wipe down. ive always like the look of burnt sugi used in traditional homes in japan. you would think that a house with black siding or a black interior would be ominous or depressing.

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located high above silicon valley, this house refurbishment and addition was inspired by natural images and textures taken from the site: boulders, bark and leaves. the two story addition in clad in traditional shou sugi ban, a charred and burnt wood siding that has helps to anchor the site into its natural surroundings. the distinctive

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re-painting a house every 10 years is a significant expense, and re-siding costs even more. using charred wood siding will reduce or eliminate these long term maintenance and replacement costs. charred wood is more bug/pest resistant than normal wood.

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shou-sugi-ban siding. from what i understand, shou-sugi-ban siding is still used in japan for very practical, utilitarian reasons. its very resistant to weather and insect damage. its much more fire-resistant than uncharred wood too, but i suspect that fire is much less of a concern in modern japan.

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tora shou sugi ban exterior siding clads the rear wall connected to a deck that looks over the water. in addition to the read exterior siding, tora and hadaka shou sugi ban accent walls break up the clear vertical grain cedar in the main entrance and outdoor shower areas.

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modern japanese-style house with charred wood siding, reused timber, adobe plaster, and wind turbine. with house architect pieter weijnen demonstrates the exponential rate at which green design is advancing.

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black cladding wood cladding exterior cladding wood siding house cladding house siding charred wood modern farmhouse exterior material board. more information. article by. nakamoto forestry. 3. similar ideas and science behind authentic yakisugi shou sugi ban japanese charred wood siding. browse our historical gallery beki coagan. structure.

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an ancient japanese technique protects cedar by charring it a witchy charcoal. the latest design trend: black and burned wood. naturalistic quality of burnt wood also appeals to architects

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a contemporary custom home embraces a japanese aesthetic with horizontal lines and shou sugi ban siding. modern design, shou sugi ban siding, and time-honored techniques meld seamlessly in mai kai house, a 3,000-square-foot custom home designed to replace an older structure on a lot located a stones throw from the fauntleroy ferry dock in

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this is an absolutely beautiful finish to the wood, that really gives the home an earthy feel. i've been wanting to add siding to my house for a long time now, i've just kept putting it off because of the ensuing work that is sure to come.

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the black siding and paneling commonly seen on modern projects in north america and europe is inspired by traditional japanese heat-treated wood siding called yakisugi. in the west the vernacular is shou-sugi-ban, but this is a misreading of the word , correctly read as yakisugi-ita.

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10 striking homes featuring the japanese art of shou sugi ban. add to. like. share. designed as a series of modern box-like structures clad in charred wood, this modern family cabin is organized around views of the alaskan landscape. another charred wood siding residence by fujimori, the compact coal house has a tearoom on the second

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historically very specific in their definition, shousugi-ban and yakisugi have become common nomenclature for modern charred wood designs in general. shou sugi ban exterior siding is intended to weather beautifully in place, and maintain its performance standards.

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charred wood - shou sugi ban, burnt wood siding wood is about as classic as you can get for siding material for your home, but that doesn't mean you don't have plenty of creative finishes to choose from. wood siding is exceptionally versatile and often quite easy to alter. the two most common ways of customizing wood siding are to play around with the board pattern mixing vertical and

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in japanese building, charring wood surfaces is known as shou-sugi-ban; this technique is valued because it wraps up wood in a layer of carbon that's highly resistant to mould, insects, water and

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indeed, while charred cedar siding are very popular to use when building new homes of modern design, it is also used to enhance the intricate features victorian architecture. art of its face old japanese technique for exterior siding for preserving wood by a london town house a while a metal brush and dramatic japanese technique for shou

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charred wood is a metallic finish designed to look like japanese-style shou sugi ban siding while providing the durability and longevity of a metal wall panel system. this finish is perfect for architecturally demanding projects in the residential, commercial, or interior sectors.

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delta millworks offers charred or burnt wood siding, cladding, flooring and shingles in a variety of species in the traditional japanese shou sugi ban, or yakisugi style. our sustainable engineered wood and charred timber is fsc certified and made in the usa.

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in japan, shou sugi ban has been used for centuries, traditionally as the name suggests with cedar wood, though this type of wood has its own history of problems in the country, in terms of the creation of economically-viable monoculture cedar forests after world war 2 which led to the disruption or destruction of many ecosystems 6 .

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we love the look of the japanese carbonized wood finish, shou sugi ban, but if this isn't entirely your cup of genmaicha, take a look at other eco-friendly siding wood siding options, natural wood finishes, passive solar, passive house and leed certified homes for inspiration here from the ecohome green building guides

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in the last 50-100 years the practice has fallen out of favor in japan due to the advent of modern plastic or cement based siding, decking, and fencing. additionally, wood in japan has been in short supply for quite a while, and most wood has to be imported, increasing its cost. these factors caused shou sugi ban to become a lost technique.

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gendai is the most commonly specified yakisugi shou sugi ban surface for exterior applications. a light brushing process knocks down the heavy soot layer and leaves a smooth, silky appearance. the burnt fiber crevasse shadows are subtle, and gendai can either be installed with or without an oil prefinish.