how much is tongue and groove wood

1 x 6 white pine tongue and groove ln ft

1 x 6 white pine tongue and groove ln ft home / tongue and groove / 1 x 6 white pine tongue and groove ln ft $0.68. add to quote. white pine. our 1×6 seven trust tongue and grove is an excellent choice to accent your log, timber frame or conventional constructed home.

how to install tongue and groove paneling on walls or

renovating on a budget can be challenging and one great way to save money is to do it yourself. using these how to install tongue and groove paneling instructions will help ensure your have a successful do-it-yourself project. call us at 715-369-5700 for tongue and groove paneling in any species, and for any budget.

how do i determine how much lumber i need?

you have 1,000 square feet of wall space that you would like to cover with a 1x8 tongue and groove board. the 1x8 in this case has an actual face width of 7. convert your square feet amount to linear feet.

how to install tongue and groove paneling on walls or

how to install tongue and groove paneling installing tongue and groove wood paneling on walls or ceilings is an easy way to add a new look and a sense of coziness to any room. installation of tongue and groove paneling, even for those with limited knowledge or skills, can be done by every do-it-yourself weekend warrior.

how much does it cost to outfit your home with knotty pine

how much does it cost to outfit your home with knotty pine paneling? are you looking to remodel your home using knotty pine tongue and groove paneling from the woodworkers shoppe ? pine paneling is one of the best ways to improve both the looks and value of your home.

what is tongue and groove flooring?

tongue and groove wood floors usually cannot be taken apart without significant breakage. tongue and groove's cousin lock and fold basic tongue and groove joinery is a strht tongue that horizontally slides into a strht groove.

tongue and groove ceiling cost guide jocoxloneliness

wooden tongue and groove is a viable alternative whether it is an economy job using low grade softwood or a more up-market ceiling using high grade hardwood. the installation process is easier than drywall and the finished product gives you a lovely natural wood ceiling.

what is tongue and groove ceiling and how much does it

so, we know the tongue and groove ceiling looks awesome, but the big question is it affordable? according to the material you choose it can run anywhere from $2.00-$3.50 per square foot . it comes in many different wood species like knotty pine, clear pine, cedar, and redwood.

how to build a tongue and groove wall

tongue and groove planks were the perfect choice because they are easy to install and the natural-wood look of pine is very forgiving. i decided to paint my tongue and groove wall white in a higher gloss paint so that whipping of hand prints is a breeze

tongue and groove shrinkage?

i think it may continue to shrink. my recently purchased cabin is 25 years old and there are gaps on every piece of wood tongue and groove walls . originally i thought it was just shoddy workmanship but now i think it's due to long-term shrinkage. some gaps are as much as 1/4' but generally it's about 1/8'.

shrinkage in a tongue-and-groove pine ceiling

sealing the wood on all sides will slow the expansion and contraction due to gain and loss of transient moisture. if the wood is at 14% green mc when installed it will shrink. in this situation a board and batten instead of tongue and groove would look better. the lumber needs to be 6 to 8% then there will be no issues with exposed tongues.

the different ways of putting a tongue and groove on the

tongue and groove paneling is an option for finishing the walls or ceiling of a room that is attractive and relatively easy to do. paneling can be installed during construction or, almost as easily, over the top of existing finished walls. several techniques for installing paneling are common, each

how to make tongue and groove joints woodworking

fortunately, the wood itself covers the blade at almost all times during the cuts. like its cousin the mortise-and-tenon, a good tongue-and-groove joint is sized similarly with the tongue being roughly 1/3 the thickness of the material being joined. for a typical panel of 3/4, then, a tongue and matching groove of 1/4 works well.

tongue and groove decking

tongue and groove wood decking should be installed with the tongue up on sloped roofs and outward in direction of laying on flat roofs. pattern faces should be down and exposed on the underside. each piece of 2' thick decking should be toenailed through the tongue and face nailed with one 16d common nail per support. each piece of 3' and 4' thick