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while the most pertinent purpose of establishing a vine training system is canopy management, especially dealing with shading, there are many other reasons that come into play. as members of the vitis family, grapevines are climbing plants that do not have their own natural support like trees.

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the first part of the process is about training the permanent structure of the vine - its woody trunk. and while in the wild, a vine would be off scrambling up trees and benefitting from this support (still a system in use occasionally in italy), with a few years of careful pruning and training, vines can develop fairly much self-supporting woody trunks.

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illustrated grape vine training methods. if you’ve ever driven through a landscape covered with vineyards, you probably noticed that not all vineyards look the same. that’s because not all grape vines are grown in the same way, given that each vine training system offers different benefits.

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one ought to bear in mind that the vine-training system does not necessarily follow the design of the trellis so much as the trellis should be selected for a given training system. often the training system takes the name of the trellis, but it doesn’t necessarily follow. the trellis is merely the arrangement of the posts, stakes, and wires

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trentino wine making has always been tied to the pergola system, which is still the region's most widely used vine-training method. this cultivation method was created in trentino itself and guarantees the appropriate amount of sun exposure for the vines, which are grown for the most part on sloping terrain.