is the attic the first floor or 2nd floor

why is my second floor so hot?

thermostat controls first floor only even though its pleasant seeing the sun streaming through your windows, it can negatively impact the temperature. most homes have their thermostat on their first floor and when heat pours in through your second floor windows, it doesnt affect your ac unit.

house with sloping or sagging second floor but first floor

house with sloping or sagging second floor but first floor level. if the second story of a home slopes or sags and the first floor is level, then there is a pretty good chance that the cause doesnt relate to foundation problems but to other issues. often the reason for the second-floor sloping relates to framing issues, poor engineering, past remodeling, water damage or pest issues like termites.

what's the best way to add a second floor to a house

there isnt a way to build a second floor addition without disturbing the first floor, you have to remove the roof and all contents in it to an open floor where new floor trusses would be installed after a knee wall is installed which will carry the new floor trusses, also new columns and tie downs concrete filled cells -this is done by cutting the walls from the exterior side and

running network cable in 2 story home: can i do it? can

start in the attic, fish the wall on the upper floor to a box you cut in, then drill through the first floor header to fish the lower floor. blank wall plates can be used to cover the holes on the upper floor if you dont need or want wires there.

5 tips to cool your second floor

you can also close up a few first floor vents to redirect air to your second floor rooms. properly insulate attic; your attic insulation has a big impact on your second floor. the temperature in your attic typically far exceeds the temperature outdoors and this creates a blanket of hot heat that just sits on top of your second floor.

adding heat registers to 2nd floor? welcome to the

most 2nd floor applications are run from a 'takeoff' either the top or side from the main supply trunk in the basement as a round duct, then converted to a round to oval elbow and run up through the 1st floor, between the studs of the exterior wall to the 2nd floor.

modern farmhouse plan with upstairs options

first floor plan with window and door schedules; second floor plan; roof plan; front and left elevations; window schedule; rear and right elevations; front and rear perspectives; building section, typical stair detail, eave detail; interior perspectives 2 and kitchen elevations 2 aerial view and rendering; electrical plan - first floor

stairs to the second floor

this type of staircase is mainly made ofsteel, but also it can be made of wood. connect all the elements of the ladder to each other with special bolts and pins. the appearance of these stairs is quite simple and weightless, but they are able to withstand a rather large weight, an approximate load of up to 200 kg.

finished attic with no heat registers

it is a cape cod home where the heat for the second floor is dn from the open stairwell. what i meant to say was there are two bedrooms on the first floor and the two finished rooms with closets on the second floor. if i don't include the second floor rooms as bedrooms, i can still call the dwelling a two bedroom home.

is the attic the first floor or 2nd floor

if you are talking about a house, the attic would be on the third floor as you have a ground floor first floor , then a second floor upstairs and then a third floor the attic , however if it

second floor / cellar / attic? home design 3d general

you can place stairs but no second floor, i was like 'huh?' it's great how u can get accurate dimensions, but i can't help but think there's quite lack of content being able to have rounded floor plan/walls would be nice i have garry's mod and that combined with source sdk, could probably do something much more elaborate

run wire from attic to 1st floor in 2 story home : homelab

run wire from attic to 1st floor in 2 story home. if you can tell where the coax is running from the attic to the first floor assuming its a strht drop you could always cut a small access hole on the 2nd floor where the coax should be running through the wall vertically. if you can tell the room layouts from the attic space you should

why is my second floor more humid than the first

an example of leaky ductwork in the attic. many 2-story homes have a separate ac unit that delivers cool air only to the 2nd floor. if you have a second ac controlling your second floor, then leaky ductwork could be whats causing it to feel so humid. heres why: your ac is designed to remove a certain amount of moisture from your homes air.

mattie's house consists of two stories and an attic. the

to find the size of mattie's attic, the following measurements are placed: first floor is 8 feet high. second floor is 8 feet high. total height of the house is 24 feet. so, to find the height of the attic, the following equation is used: total height of the house = height of floor 1 height of floor 2 height of attic.

does humidifying 1st floor reach the 2nd floor?

will the 1st floor through-wall humidifier work or should i consider a unit on the 2nd floor? also, since heat rises, i would think the humid air would too, but humid air is heavier than dryer air so the humid air might stay on the first floor absent some system to circulate 1st floor air to the 2nd floor .

the ground floor and first floor in british

the simple answer is use of the unit zero. to measure any thing from zero the ground floor upwards or downwards i.e. first floor, second floor etc or 1st sub-floor or 2nd sub-floor etc, the term for a floor that contains a high proportion of sloping ceiling is refereed to as an attic.

home 1st floor attic 149 west main street, annville

1st floor attic is a very unique store right on main street in historic annville pa we offer a wide array of items from antiques, collectables and a large collection of record albums. located right on route 422, in between palymra and cleona not far from harrisburg, hershey and the reading area.

mattie's house consists of two stories and an attic. the

mattie's house consists of two stories and an attic. the first floor is 8 5/6 feet tall, the second floor is 8 1/2 feet tall, and the entire house is 24 1/3 feet tall.

exhaust vent on 1st floor bathroom

the air removed by every mechanical exhaust system shall be discharged to the outdoors. air shall not be exhausted into an attic, soffit, ridge vent or cl space. if you choose the floor/ceiling space method which i would recommend . first you must determine the direction of floor/ceiling joist and the distance of the run.

how to vent through a ceiling to the second floor home

locate cross-beams between the first and second floors by running the stud-finder across the ceiling. measure and mark an area 4 inches by 4 inches on the ceiling, in the area where you want to

finish attic or 2nd floor addition/dormer

inspection department information publication finish attic or 2nd. floor addition/dormer. before a permit can be issued, a completed permit application must be submitted along with the following information in duplicate. if you are constructing a 2nd floor or raising a dormer, a plat of survey must be submitted.

why is my second floor hotter than the first floor

3. check the attic. the attic can trap heat on a stuffy hot day. since the second floor is closer to the attic, its going to absorb the heat that escapes. worn insulation will allow the heat to penetrate the upper floors. you will need to redo the insulation to provide a strong thermal barrier.

insulating between ceiling and second level floor. this

but there is one location that has none, and that location is in between the first floor ceiling and second level floor. when there is a cold snap - 12c and below, or if there is any type of cold with a wind, it makes the upstairs floor very cold, plus you can feel a chill coming from the ceiling if you are on the main floor.

sagging 2nd floor

it is a 2 story on a slab foundation. we have found the 2nd floor sagging which has also bowed the living room ceiling below. inspector also found loose top and bottom chords along with a few missing plates in the attic.. would the roof trusses cause the floor below to sag, or do you think i have two separate issues. similar threads: sagging paint

what's the best way to add a second floor to a house

then cover the deck with 3/4 t and g sub-floor plywood, and you now have a floor strong enough to build a 2nd floor on. build your 2nd floor walls, and put a new roof on it all within 2 weeks or less without getting the family your working for wet, and the rest of the job moves along nicely. i have never once removed the 1st floor ceiling, drywall, ceiling joist or electrical to add a 2nd floor and in all cases, the family has lived in their house during construction.

attic second floor first floor

the two existing first and second floor flats have recently been vacated, opening up an opportunity to renovate the entire building, to include an attic conversion. the combined area of all three flats is almost 3,900 sq. ft. the first and second floor flats are both spacious, around 1,400 sq.ft. an attic conversion

1st-floor>2nd-floor>attic>2nd-floor-00005ma'>running cat5/coax basement>1st floor>2nd floor>attic>2nd

running cat5/coax basement>1st floor>2nd floor>attic>2nd floor rooms. you can always use wiremold cord management products to 'hide' the cables against the wall. also, while most know not to put cat5 or coax cable near house voltage wiring due to noise and safety issues, i feel the need to mention it anyway.