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reason we cope rather than miter long runs of moulding on the inside joints. lengthwise movement is 1% or less, but over a 10-20 ft run it’s noticeable and a factor you can work with if you choose to. deck tolerances are generally crude. do whatever is convenient for you and live with. high end work for clients is a different situation.

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watch the woodwright's shop - season 30, episode 3 - mind over miter: this butt joint of distinction joins everything from picture frames to crown moldings. learn all the angles and see how

how to secure 45 degree picture frame corners : picture

secure 45 degree picture frame corners with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip. how to make these alternative dovetail joints (the knapp joint) - duration: 22:08.

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sometimes it’s easy to take the simplest-looking things for granted. while working on a scrollsawn picture for one of my kids, i spent more time thinking about the process of making the picture than the frame i would put around it. after all, how hard can it be to miter a simple frame? i’m pretty happy with the frames i’ve made, but the skill came from a lot of practice and some solid

miter with muscle wood magazine

test-cut slots in miter-cut stock the same thickness as the joint parts to make sure the slots don't break through the face. the cutter plunges the slots strht into the face of the miter cut, allowing easy assembly and gluing of the biscuit joints. then, plunge the slots, apply glue to the slots and joint face, insert the biscuits, and clamp.

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i make my own picture frames. i bought these fasteners to reinforce the frame corners. i tested these fasteners on a pine frame because the wood was fairly soft. to my surprise, i was not able to hammer the fastener into the frame. just to get a fastener half way in, i had to hammer so hard that i thought i was going to damage the frame!

composite deck mitre joints

picture frame decking tip beautify a deck deck designs. picture frame decking is a simple way to make your deck beautiful without much effort. find out this tip to picture frame your deck with a miter or butt joint style. get-prices

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