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the distance should be no more than 4". this also applies to the distance between the bottom rail and the deck floor. · do correct wide-spaced rails by installing additional rails, netting or a plexiglas/lexan shield alongside the railing. extremely wide spacing may require some carpentry work.

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evonik industries is a worldwide manufacturer of pmma products sold under the the plexiglas trademark in the european, asian, african and australian continents and under acrylite trademark in

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so instead, we used clear zip ties (purchased in the $1 section at target, no less!) to attach the plexiglass to each railing. we held the sheets up to the railings and marked where we needed holes for the zip ties, then held the plexiglass down on top of a piece of wood and drilled the holes.

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the plexiglass can be smaller than the size of the balcony railings. fitting the plexiglass will be easier if it’s somewhat small. you might even choose to use 2 sheets of plexiglass to make up the length of the balcony. before you remove the plastic cover from the plexiglass, drill a series of 1/4 inch holes around the edges.

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