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the mmrf honorary board is comprised of high-profile public figures who help to raise funds and promote awareness for multiple myeloma research. the mmrf honorary board is comprised of high-profile public figures who help to raise funds and promote awareness for multiple myeloma research. skip to content in the text message or by contacting

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i was diagnosed with having multiple myeloma several months ago. does anyone diagnosed with multiple myeloma have any pain, if so where, and do you have any bone pain? also does anyone with mm have elevated calcium levels? any help would be greatly appreciated. - thanks for the information on pain medications, i am

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finding support online: multiple myeloma blogs, forums, and message boards medically reviewed by seunggu han, md on july 29, 2019 written by stephanie watson multiple myeloma is a rare disease. blogs by, about, and for people who

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it has been a week ago since i lost my husand to multiple myeloma. i can't help feeling guilty, as i feel i should have done more for him. i had taken care of him for 3 and a half years. they did not expect him to make it back when he was first diagnosed, but he fooled everyone. the last week before

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had a quiet new year's eve. wrote a tongue in cheek family newsletter for my sibs and started it with: it was the best of years, it was the worst of years. that covers it. i realized it was in 2004 that my doctor said i had an elevated protein that could indicate multiple myeloma. i couldn't imagine living ten years--yet here i am and very

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on jul 27, 2010 7:44 pm mmsurvivor wrote: i have sent you a private reply but i was told i had end stage in 2004 mid october. my symptoms were extreeeeeme pain, inability to walk, extreme loss of arm use, 95% kidney failure. high calcium levels, hemaglobin of 6 white count and paltelets way below

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i was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in october, 2017. my mm manifested itself in my kidneys no bone fractures or other tumors which have returned to normal function after an induction treatment of velcade, cytoxin, and dex every week for approximately 8 months.

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multiple myeloma is the second most common type of blood cancer, but not all multiple myeloma cases are the same. learn more about the types of multiple myeloma and how they differ.

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my mom was just recently diagnosed with multple myeloma and was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant at johns hopkins hospital. unfortunately, during the process they discovered that she had contracted hepatitis b. dr's said that this may have come from one of her blood transfusions. don't they test all

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if you have multiple myeloma, theres a good chance it will come back after successful treatment. when this happens, its called recurrent or relapsed. if it doesnt respond to treatment or

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multiple myeloma is a terrible, painful and horrible disease. my prayer is for someone to come up with a cure so that no other son or daughter, wife or husband, grandson or granddaughter, will ever have to see their loved one fade away to skin and bones, and have the suffering my dad endured.

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do i have multiple myeloma? questions and discussion to help forum members determine if they may have multiple myeloma, smoldering multiple myeloma, or mgus. 157 topics 851 posts last post by ron harvot on sun dec 08, 2019 2:43 pm; weekly polls weekly polls of the myeloma beacon's readers on topics related to multiple myeloma.

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i am caregiver to my wife who has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma in october 6, 2016. she has undergone autologous bmt stem cell transplant without blood transfusions. almost after a month an mri revealed a plasmacytoma at the l4 level of her spine. further tests noted many lytic lesions

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multiple myeloma overview. multiple myeloma is a blood cancer in which plasma cells grow out of control. healthy plasma cells come from the bone marrow and play a key role in your immune system.

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multiple myeloma mm often progresses from an asymptomatic phase, called smoldering multiple myeloma smm . the risk of progression is 10% per year, however the presence of adverse prognostic factors can lead this to increase to 25%. the current standard of care for smm is observation.

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read about other experiences, ask a question about multiple myeloma, or answer someone else's question, on our message boards: i can not get a diagnosis. please help. tell us your medical story. share your misdiagnosis story. what is the best treatment for this? see all the forums. article excerpts about multiple myeloma