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howto refinish a teak deck for your boat

an overview and step by step of how to refinish / re-seam the teak decks on your boat a list of materials used will be included in the writeup on my website :-

diy: refinishing wood on a boat

removing oil from teak. if the one-part cleaner doesnt work, try a two-part cleaner. the first part is an acid that kills mold and mildew. the second part is a neutralizer that counteracts the acid, allowing you to rinse the teak safely. take special care to keep these cleaners off other surfaces on the boat.

refinishing teak trim and platform page: 1

re: refinishing teak trim and platform the condition of the teak really determines what path you will want to follow. when i detail boats, i use a 50/50 solution of ammonia and water. with a 3m scrub pad, i work the solution over the teak. careful with the 3m pad around the gelcoat, but the ammonia, won't hurt it. wear gloves to protect your hands.

all about varnishing your boat

all about varnishing your boat. nothing flatters a boat more than the glow of well-varnished wood, but to bask in that glow, someone must suffer through the process of preparing the wood and applying the varnish. almost all woods other than teak will weather and eventually rot if not protected from the elements.

diy: how to refinish household teak

above: the refinished teak sink surround is set against green/gray silver crest walls in an eggshell finish by benjamin moore. the bathtub. above: as with the sink, long taped and sealed off the porcelain tub with a plastic bag, but here had to work around the fixtures.

how to finish teak

how to finish teak. add some turpentine to the first coat so it soaks into the wood, and sand lightly before applying the second coat. after that, keep recoating until the wood will absorb no more oil; no need to sand again unless the oil raises the wood grain. fanatics sand with 400-grit paper between each coat,

refinishing teak swim deck

refinishing teak swim deck. you should not use stain or polyurethane on teak. you need to oil it with teak oil. if there is any stain or poly on it now, you need to remove it. this may require sanding. if it only had oil on it previously, then you can skip right to the cleaning. a brass bristle brush and some teak cleaner,

how to refurbish a teak ski-boat deck

1. prep the deck. to begin, remove the teak deck from the rear of the boat usually by removing just a couple of lock pins . then, lay the deck onto a tarp and grab the clorox from your laundry room any standard bleach will work . pour the bleach into a small bucket, and dip a hard-bristled hand brush into it.

restore teak with iosso teak cleaner

removes dirt, mildew stains, black algae, and oil stains and restores a bright natural look to weathered teak. use this teak cleaner on teak, pressure treated pine, cedar, and other woods.

teak chris-craft boats

how to care for teak. to clean, rinse your teak decks regularly with fresh water or mild cleansers to remove stains and pollutants. wipe up spills from suntan lotions, motor oils or oily foods as much as possible with a clean rag or paper towel. when cleaning teak decks, scrub across the grain with a soft plastic-bristle brush.

refinishing teak trim and platform page: 1

re: refinishing teak trim and platform use your favorite teak cleaner and a stiff scrub brush. on the swim platform start in a corner and put on the cleaner and scrub fast, and rinse that area. move to a new area, scrub and rinse toward the clean area. you will see something that looks like scum comming up and that good.

how to clean, restore, and seal teak wood on your boat

the teak will tum dark brown and the cleaning pad will fill with dirt. 4. apply to one area at a time then immediately rinse down entire area with water to remove the cleaner. repeat if necessary. step 2. part 2 using justteak teak brightener on your teak deck. justteak teak brightener is the answer to dull, gray teak. specifically designed to restore light beautiful look of new teaks.

refinishing wood

re: refinishing wood - teak or varnish while i'm not familiar with grady whites, my guess is that the wood trim is teak. this would be the most common wood used for exterior marine trim. it's hard to tell since the finish seems heavy in the pics. a few small bare spots show a patina that resembles teak in it's natural marine state if you will .

diy: refinishing wood on a boat

1. remove the item from the boat or lay down plastic with several layers 2. apply a liberal coating of citristip and work it into the surface of 3. allow the stripper to stand for at least 20 minutes until the solution appears dry. 4. when you think the finish is softened, test-scrape it.

how to refurbish indoor teak furniture

to refinish teak, sand it down with an orbital sander. this uses fine-grain sandpaper and will gently sand away the old gray layer. don't push down too much with the sander as this can damage the furniture. you can also use small pieces of sandpaper to sand down teak by hand. once the sanding is done, paint over the top layer of the wood with teak oil. this will help the outside oil to become moisturized and will ensure that it looks as good as new.

how to restore teak wood on a boat?

teak wood is not only used for making furniture and household items, they are also often be used as materials for some boat parts. it has been known that teak wood has excellent performance and

teak cleaning and refinishing faq

the right way to clean teak do not use a brass brush. using a brass brush will eat out the soft part of the wood and may produce a condition known as raised grain. for weathered wood, use coarse bronze wool to work the cleaner into the wood. keep the wood wet for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

properly restoring teak boats

cleaning teak on boats 1. wet the teak down; 2. apply part one the caustic , spreading and lightly scrubbing with a bristle brush; 3. when the surface is a uniform wet, muddy brown, apply the second part the acid , spreading with a clean bristle brush; 4. apply and spread enough of the acid to

what to do with tired interior teak?commuter cruiser

no dark spots, no water damage, nothing other than bare teak caused by wear and tear. thats the category i decided to attack first. the second category includes dark spots, mostly around the teak trim on the refrigerator, the galley area and the companionway places where moisture is more prevalent.

how to refinish teakwood home guides sf gate

refinishing teak requires sanding to remove the aged surface of the wood before applying a protective teak oil finish that enhances the woods natural luster.