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it is more effective to install insulation over the surface of the blocks either on the exterior or interior of the foundation walls. placing insulation on the exterior has the added advantage of containing the thermal mass of the blocks within the conditioned space, which can moderate indoor temperatures.

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unfaced means the insulation lacks a vapor retarder paper or plastic facing . kraft-faced insulation includes a paper vapor retarder, which helps prevent mold and mildew. kraft-faced insulation should be installed in exterior walls, exterior basement walls, and attic ceilings by pressing the product into the wall cavity with the paper side

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exterior foam insulation hello all i am planning to build a house near ottawa, canada and this discussion thread is a godsent ,as i was getting pretty confused about all the seemingly conficting information on wall insulation. i want to have both above average insulation values and above average shear wall strength.

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johns manville comforttherm poly-encapsulated thermal and acoustical insulation offers r-values up to r-30 and is available in precut batts to fit standard wall cavities or rolls for custom installation in any size of wall cavity. comforttherm insulation is wrapped in plastic for dust-free, itch-free installation, and can be used in a wide variety of wood frame, engineered wood and steel

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with blown-in insulation, consider a low-permeability paint or wall covering for the interior of the wall. benefits. the primary benefit of exterior wall insulation is obviously reduced energy costs. insulating your walls can also improve comfort by keeping the interior wall surfaces closer to room temperature.

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exterior insulation systems. there are two compliance options for walls with foam plastic insulation on the wall exterior, such as exterior insulation and finish systems eifs . the first option is to protect the insulation with a 0.875 in. 22 mm minimum thickness of cement stucco that meets the requirements of ibc section 2510.

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exterior walls and floors: turn off the electricity, then remove an electrical outlet cover for a view of exterior insulation. garage: check garage walls and ceilings that are adjacent to conditioned spaces. knee walls: check behind knee walls, which are walls between living spaces and the garage or attic. the chimney effect

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the vapor barrier should be on the 'inside' between the insulation and drywall . there is no need to vapor barrier the non-exterior walls. if the tub shares this exterior wall i would put vapor barrier behind it if you can as the plastic tub surround will not give you a 'vapor barrier' i don't think .

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plastic on the outer surface of a wall in cold weather could cause problems. the humid air is indoors. the cool surface is the sheathing, assuming no exterior insulation. if water vapor diffuses or infiltrates into the wall cavity and finds the cool surface, moisture problems can occur.

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everything you need to know about insulating exterior walls everything you need to know about insulating exterior walls. home insulation is a crucial but intimidating project. however, it is a necessary skill for any homeowner. and another type sheathes the insulation in a plastic sleeve. fiberglass insulation comes sized to fit between

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two new products offer builders new ways to keep their wall sheathing warm. insofast panels rectangles of expanded polystyrene eps foam with embedded plastic studs that hold drywall screws have been around for years. the product was developed as a quick and convenient way for homeowners to insulate the interior of basement walls.

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q: i'd like to add insulation to a wall during a renovation. what should i keep in mind? peter wefers, north andover, mass. tom silva replies: filling walls with a fluffy layer of fiberglass insulation is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your home more energy efficient. all it takes is a utility knife, a strhtedge, and a little patience to make sure the insulation

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foam plastic insulating sheathing fpis can improve the energy efficiency of buildings with its remarkable thermal performance on the outside of a building. this insulation, which comes in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate different thermal resistance needs, helps us meet energy code requirements, which can make it easier to achieve leed or other green building standards.

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and the exterior wall insulation, the class a designation as applied to a foam plastic is reasonably appropriate. most foam plastic manufactures list their flame spread and smoke develop-ment properties in their product information literature. if it is not listed, that may be an indication that it only meets the

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eifs-exterior insulation and finishing system 553 foundation coating 45 foundation membrane 8 fiberglass reinforced plastic 3 plastic 11 resin 455 rubberized asphalt 1 vinyl 5 water based pigment 65 click to add item 'duck coat liquid rubber wall patch - 0.9 gallon' to the compare list.

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how to use unfaced insulation on exterior walls. cover the newly installed insulation with a layer of plastic sheeting or other vapor barrier only if there isn't already a vapor barrier in

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choose fiberglass insulation batting. the grade of batting will vary, depending on the wall that youre insulating. there are various grades of insulating batting for different locations in the house, so you'll need a different insulation for interior, exterior, attic or basement walls.

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that warm, moist vapor is attracted to the exterior walls. this vapor enters the wall through hairline wall cracks, outlets, switches and window trim. in new construction, the plastic vapor barrier under the drywall stops the wet air from getting to the insulation and condensating.

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ibc requirements for exterior walls using foam plastic insulation applicable fire test standards identifying common exterior wall assemblies fire safety: design through inspection interactive q and a: how can industry and the code enforcement nfpa 285 wall assembly: exterior insulation.

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the provisions for foam plastic insulation allow such material in the exterior walls of buildings required to have noncombustible exterior wall construction types i, ii, iii and iv . applicable to such buildings of any height, an important provision of this section requires that the wall be tested in accordance with nfpa 285.

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the wall spaces 2x6 are insulated with unfaced, fiberglass batt insulation. my plan is to install a 6mil plastic sheet vapor barrier on the exterior walls, over the unfaced insulation. then, i plan to install 1/2' hardibacker cement board inside the bathtub wall areas, directly onto the wall studs, and then install ceramic tile.

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