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leesburg concrete is a licensed producer of slenderwall , a proprietary exterior cladding wall system with superb design flexibility. our architectural precast concrete/steel-stud building panels offer limitless combinations of architectural

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they can be used as full cladding or as one-panel high façade walls. cia precast and steel offers two types of clips for cladding panels; the traditional steel-type clip connection that is welded to the existing steel frame, or an alternative clip that requires no welding, saving on time and costly touch-ups.

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optional feature: second nature architectual precast concrete brick apcb is an exclusive product of slenderwall. this proprietary finish casts seamlessly into the panel, and is the only 'class a' precast concrete brick on the market with the level of quality necessary for 'class a' commercial projects.

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precast concrete cladding is formed by off-site manufactured precast concrete panels, which can be used to clad a wide range of buildings, such as commercial buildings, residential, retail, leisure, hospitals, schools, and so on.

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but precast concrete building envelopes dont stop there. they offer design flexibility, time savings and improved profitability, too. precast concrete wall panels and veneer are typically lightweight and easy to install, with products ranging from thin brick veneer to cladding inspired by limestone, travertine and other stone products.

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high concrete groups wall systems consist of a variety of insulated and non-insulated panels, column covers, mullions, infill, and recladding panels. the panels can provide concrete answers to satisfy your design, program, and project delivery objectives. precast wall systems can be used with both steel and cast-in-place structural systems.

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the exterior is available with the same natural colors, textures, and finishes as our architectural panels. all of our precast wall panels are manufactured in an indoor facility, offering unsurpassed quality control and year-round capability. benefits of nitterhouse precast concrete wall panels: ecosmart material we manufacture our precast

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extra floor area: precast cladding panels produce a thinner external wall than conventional double-skin walls, increasing the lettable floor area. waste reduced: precast cladding panels produce little or no waste as they arrive to site in a finished state. reduction of waste at the manufacturing stage reduces the cost of the overall building.

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precast concrete panels used in wall systems have many different finishes and shapes. often the finish will include the abrasion or modifying of the surface by sandblasting, exposing aggregate, acid washing, bush-hammering, or other techniques. each of these finishes presents a different challenge in producing a durable precast concrete panel.

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precast concrete. precast panel types for building envelopes there are generally three types of precast panels used as part of building envelopes: cladding or curtain walls; load-bearing wall units; and shear walls. precast cladding or curtain walls are the most commonly used precast concrete components for building envelopes. this type

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precast concrete wall panels offer an astounding array of design options that can be built right into each panel. accommodations for windows, doors and other components required for the finished structure can be integrated during the panel design process, reducing costs and total time.

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precast wall panels. high concrete group enclosure systems consist of structural and non-structural precast concrete panels in configurations such as column covers, window panels and other shapes that provide an attractive, functional and durable facade.

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the precast concrete cladding system by slenderwall carries features that benefit the architects that design the pre-engineered building and those who later inhabit it. reduced costs and

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some good background on the performance of sandwich wall panels designed with ties is given in three reports available from the portland cement association, old orchard road, skokie, illinois 60076: 'precast concrete wall panels: flexural stiffness of sandwich panels,' by d. w. pfeifer and j. a. hanson, bulletin d99.

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cladding panels are produced under highly controlled factory conditions. the highest grade materials are used and the concrete mixes are carefully monitored to ensure a quality finish. types of precast concrete cladding. there are three main types of cladding panel:

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working for multiplex, thorp precast supplied around 1,100 precast panels to the cartwright gardens student accommodation project in bloomsbury, london. the units included three-storey t-sections, each weighing 12 tonnes brick-faced precast concrete cladding gives a building the appearance of

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synstone international limited, leader in manufacturing of cementitious cladding panels, by benefit of its knowledge of building science has introduced materials and various methods for construction of exterior wall systems and rain screen solutions. synstone concrete soffit and cladding panel systems.