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once youre happy with the layout, trace along the edge of the hose with spray paint. step 2: dig a trench. dig a trench thats 4 to 6 wide and 3to 4 deep along your spray-painted line. fill the bottom of the trench with a 1 bed of sand, and pack it smooth and level.

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cut the edging pieces with the circular saw cutting from the side exposure down through the edging to finish the cut. warning cutting through concrete throws off a tremendous amount of dust that must not be inhaled and can be very unpleasant if it gets in your eyes.

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step 2: dig a trench. dig as deep as 4 to 6 inches to prevent grass from creeping under your edging. continue digging the trench along the bed to make place for the landscape edging. make sure you move the shovel back and forth to loosen the soil from the trench. collect the soil in a wheelbarrow because you will need it to reinforce the edging with later.

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the first step is to cut the edge. if you are creating a new bed, youll need to use a garden hose to mark your desired lines. if you are freshening up an existing bed, you can jump right in. method 1: the traditional way to do this is to use either a spade or a half-moon edger to move along the line youve set out.

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lawn edging photo 2: place the garden edging in the trench snap together the 8-ft. landscape borders, drop the garden edging into the trench and lay it against the vertical edge. cut the final section to length with a hacksaw.

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step 1 plan your design. if placing your landscape edging around an established landscape feature such as a garden or path , you need only measure along the edges. if planning to surround landscape features that havent been placed yet, youll need something to mark out the landscape as you measure it, such as spray paint.

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use a sharp spade or half-moon lawn edging tool to cut out a square section of turf that contains the broken edge. undercut the turf to remove it, and turn it around through 180 , so that the broken edge is now within the lawn and one of the strht edges aligns with the lawn edge.

how to install steel landscape edging

if this must be done, you can cut through your steel edging with a hacksaw. step 4 - stake your steel landscape edging. with the appropriate pieces assembled and laid out, it's time to start staking your steel edging. some lawn landscaping will come with stakes already attached at various points along the sections of edging, while others will

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with a few taps, the edging will break, right on that score. it turns out to be a fairly nice edge, at least one you can live with. if you have a spare edger, you can practice on that. if you have to cut a lot of them, then the masonry saw would be the best idea.

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tip: before buying new edging, be sure to measure the area/areas you are working in to ensure you have enough edging for your yard. spade-cut edging . for the simplest type of border, choose spade-cut edging. spade-cut edging involves using an edging tool called a spade to dig a narrow trench around the outside of the bed you are setting apart. it is the least expensive type of edging available.

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- metal edger, used to cut new edge along garden bed - garden rake, for spreading bark mulch - shovel, used to dig old grass from new garden bed and to transplant plants

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proper edging technique helps you to cut your lawn-care time after you have edged for the first time during the growing season. you won't need to edge every time you mow the lawn. use your edger and trim a clean line as you see the borders growing out.

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if you need to cut off the edging, you should first score a line using a hacksaw then bend the edging back and forth until it snaps off. finish the job. now, with the edging and all the stakes in place on top of the trench, you are ready to complete the installation. with a small sledge or heavy hammer, tap all the stakes part way down.

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john answers questions such as how far out to cut, how deep to cut and how to clean up edgings. this video about how to edge your lawn and how to edge your garden shows you how to do it the quick

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in addition to making it look neat and tidy, edging can; make it easier to cut your grass; keep your grass, soil, and mulch in place; accentuate parts of your garden. define the shape and form of the landscape youve created; keep your dog, kids, neighbors, or mailman this is big for me from trampling your garden; landscape edging materials. well, really this is a personal choice.

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other ways to cut the steel lawn edging include a reciprocating saw, angle grinder, or circular saw with a conundrum blade. to cut the edging, you can either cut all the way through the steel or cut along the lines and bend it until it breaks. make sure to wear protective, safety gear when cutting steel.

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score the edging lightly along one side with a hacksaw, then make a 1-inch cut from the bottom up to make sharp corners. hold the two-by-four board down while lifting the other side of the edging to bend the corner. 5. cut off the end of the edging by scoring then bending it back and forth until it breaks.

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without lawn edging, you'll be constantly pulling grass out of your flower beds. also, if you have mulch in your planting bed, edging is one of best ways to contain the mulch and keep it from spilling into the yard. when installing lawn edging, it's a great idea to take it a step further and install a mowing strip next to the edging.

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angle grinder = messy. circular saw with metal blade = useless. we used a dewalt reciprocating saw now, and won't ever use anything else. if we have to do a 90degree turn, we cut the bottom end up half way, helps the bend a little bit.

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steps for for using landscape edging: 1. flexible plastic landscape edging is difficult to install, virtually impossible to keep strht, and highly susceptible to frost heave. 2.

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unroll the landscape edging, placing it alongside the trench. place the edging in the trench with the rounded edge on top. press the flat edge of the edging tightly against the trench wall that

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in most applications a hacksaw may be used to cut the edging. edging may be cut all the way through or can be scored along the line and bent back and forth until edging breaks. for strht lines use a tape measure to obtain feet needed. for curves use a water hose to lay out your project.

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set up stable work surface. measure the scalloped edging to be cut and mark at the cut point with masking tape to be used as a cutting guide line. cut the edging pieces with the circular saw cutting from the side exposure down through the edging to finish the cut.

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edging requires a similar hands-on training approach, shackleford advises. his crews use stihl gas-powered edgers with blades along the edges where lawn meets hardscaping. we use the most powerful heads we can purchase so they can cut through everything. sometimes well use a hand spade to help cut it, but thats rare, he explains.