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superplank / flowing products superplank and flowgrip both are pultruded as a single profile and offer a unique tongue and groove joint to reduce the number of fasteners and eliminate trip hazards that plaque traditional decking products.. superplank & flowgrip are fiberglass decking systems that are pultruded in a constant cross-section with the legs and top surface

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high strength pultruded frp composites - creative pultrusions, inc. manufacturing quality pultruded fiberglass products since 1973. creative pultrusions, inc. is a leader in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced polymer (frp) pultrusion products.

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pultrusion. pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process for composite profiles. we utilize continuous fibres as the major reinforcement in our pultrusion process. different resin systems are used to gain the final desired properties. flexibility in design and various material combinations are the main advantages with pultrusion technology.

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ul our fiberglass windows ideal for severe weather at the jersey shore doors and siding made with ul our pultruded fiberglass outperform vinyl and vinyl-wood composites in virtually every

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heavy duty plank. heavy duty plank cp064 is a heavy duty pultruded plank section that was engineered for demanding fiberglass decking applications in which high strength and stiffness are a must.applications including trailer decks, bridge decks, mass transit platforms, tank covers, and trough covers are ideal for this rugged plank.

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ameriboard fiberglass (fg) 1203 plank. the lightweight ameriboard fiberglass (fg) 1203 pultruded fiberglass decking plank has been designed for exceptional performance in harsh corrosive environments.exhibiting a bending strength greater than that of steel with nearly twice the stiffness of a typical pultruded plank, the high strength frp decking will span further and hold greater loads than

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flooring products . tired of maintenance cost and downtime associated with your current building materials? creative pultrusions, inc. (cpi) offers an impressive line up of fiberglass grating, molded grating, fiberglass decking systems, and fiberglass panels each engineered and manufactured to rigid standards. if your project calls for lightweight, low maintenance, low-cost solution, check out