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a semi-transparent stain is opaque, adding color but allowing the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through. a solid stain covers the wood, showing texture but hiding wood grain and prior colors. when staining on top of the existing stain, choose the right type based on the current finish. if your existing deck stain is:

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pigment in the stain is what provides uv protection. with that said, a clear sealer would provide zero uv protection while a solid stain would provide the most. ultraviolet rays are what cause a wood deck to turn gray. because of this, many deck owners stay away from clear sealers.

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superdeck exterior waterborne semi-solid color stain. featuring seven trust duckback technology. protect and beautify your deck with this semi-solid stain for exterior horizontal wood surfaces. since it can be applied to damp wood, most projects using superdeck can be finished in a single day allowing homeowners to enjoy their exterior space sooner.

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cabot semi-solid stains can be used on most types of smooth and rough exterior wood, including siding, shingles, log homes and roofs. they provide excellent results on reconditioned weathered wood and well-seasoned lumber such as cedar, fir, pine, cypress, spruce, redwood and plywood panel siding.

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i have a 9 year old red cedar deck that i have had to continue to re-coat yearly with sherwin williams deckscapes, semi-transparent stain due to constant peeling. i am at a point that i think i need to get the finish off the wood decking in order to get it looking good again as the stain continues to peel off more and more each year.

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semi-transparent stain allows the grain and character of the underlying wood to show through. solid stain looks more like paint; it's just thinner and doesn't obscure the texture of the wood as much. don't use solid stain on a deck or any surface you want to walk on because it's too thin and won't hold up.

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apply a generous amount of this deck stain remover with a polyester brush, roller, or pump-up hand sprayer; then allow it to sit for 15 minutes so the finish will begin to lift and remove the stain wood finish from the wood's surface. after the finish begins to lift, scrub with a stiff bristle brush in the direction of the wood grain.

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chemically removing the failed deck stain. step 1 - remove old stain. step 2 - neutralize chemicals and brighten wood. step 3 - apply new coat of preservative american building restoration hotline

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related articles. spray the deck cleaner on a small section of the deck, about 20 square foot, and allow the cleaner to penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes, or for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer. use a scrub brush to remove stubborn dirt and stains. rinse the deck with clean water, using a water hose.

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remove a deck stain in 6 steps step 1 - apply deck stripper. apply a generous coat of deck stripper over your deck stain. step 2 - pressure wash the deck. make sure that your deck is free of any dirt or debris. step 3 - choose a stain. clear stains: if you want to retain the color of your deck,

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- is the solid stain likely to protect far longer than the semi all other things being equal? thanks is advance for your reply. as many others have indicated, this is the only online source for consistently reasonable knowledge regarding what is now a sadly complex and confusing subject.