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buy this deck maindeck 60. creature 24 4 bloodghast 4 champion of wits 4 gurmag angler 4 hollow one 4 stitchwing skaab 4 street wraith. spell 18 speculative hollow one list for legacy, or if looting gets banned in modern, or if we get something like careful study in modern.

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this gives the deck a legitimate backup plan of just casting a bunch of 4/4s if it fizzles on it's combo turn which is a very real issue because the deck is bad . i don't think the deck will be good even with hollow one, but it does seem like a pretty significant upgrade since it allows the deck to not just lose if it fizzles.

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the deck may need another discard outlet and i think this may have a chance of doing it. also to get a free hollow one you may want to look at faerie macabre . older versions of the hollow one deck played edge of autumn , more free cycling cards may be worth it.

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this is a deck that likes to do crazy things like make hasty gurmag angler 's on turn one, with protection. or drop 2 hollow one s on turn one. we also run a death's shadow package because it synergises really well with street wraith and can get huge and hasty on turn two or three thanks to anger.and did i mention that the maindeck is surprisingly budget for legacy?

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the big new addition to put vengevine on top is hollow one. hollow one is looking for a similar shell with lots of discard outlets so that you can get your 4/4s into play for cheap. when youre able to discard cards, you can get vengevines into the graveyard, and then you can cast hollow ones to get them back. all of these creatures have 4 power, so theyll end the game fast.

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with the help of the namesake card, this deck can produce starts that are not beatable for any deck. our cards grind and attack on many different angles. this deck has game against everything, making rb hollow one the new jund, except ive never died on turn 3 playing against jund.

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hollow one costs less to cast for each card you've cycled or discarded this turn. cycling , discard this card: d a card. $0.30. card is out of stock: legacy decks may consist of cards from all magic card sets, any edition of the core set, and all special sets, supplements, and promotional printings released by wizards of the coast.


outside of the amusingly terrible mr toad's wild ride, is there any space in legacy for a deck similar in function and look to the br and gr hollow one decks in modern? they're super fun to play in that format and with the larger card pool in legacy would there be a better support system or is the card just not good enough? thanks

hollow one

hollow one costs 2 less to cast for each card you've cycled or discarded this turn. cycling 2 2, discard this card: d a card. flavor: the embodiment of yearning, forever drifting the deserts to find what had once made it whole.

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7/14/2017 hollow ones cost is reduced even if the cards youve cycled or discarded arent in your graveyard. 7/14/2017 once youve discarded three cards, hollow one costs to cast. it wont stop at or cost negative amounts of mana.

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buy this deck maindeck 60. creature 29 4 burning-tree emissary 4 flameblade adept 2 flamewake phoenix 4 hollow one 3 hooting mandrills 4 reckless bushwhacker 4 street wraith 4 vengevine. spell 12 4 faithless looting 4 goblin lore 4 lightning bolt. land 19 4 bloodstained mire 3 copperline gorge 1 forest 4 mountain 3 stomping ground 4 wooded

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legacy hollow one i believe everyone who was following pro tour rivals of ixalan in bilbao would have been captivated by, or at least have enjoyed the absolute silliness that was ken yukuhiro's hollow one deck. this got me thinking - is there a way to make the deck even more entertaining? the b/r version in legacy

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black-red hollow one - modern channel nassif channelfireball. eldraine standard deck guide mtg arena todd anderson vs brad nelson: hollow one vs hardened scales affinity modern


4 hollow one 4 street wraith 1 tasigur, the golden fang 4 burning inquiry the mtg degree channel is a magic: the gathering variety channel where you can watch deck techs, prerelease guides


can hollow one make the dream of an aggressive madness deck a real thing in standard? jump to. sections of this page. accessibility help. press alt / to open this menu. facebook. pages other brand website personal blog mtggoldfish videos instant deck tech: hollow one aggro standard

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next to hollow one flameblade adept and flamewake phoenix are played, which synergize with discard and with each other. with this and some graveyard support you can turn it into a very fast and very resilient deck. history there is not that much history yet, but hollow one decks are on the rise recently.

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last week, i shared the decks i thought were best for grand prix vegas. i ended up submitting the exact same hollow one deck list i put in that article, and i managed to take it to a 13-2 record for a solid but unfortunate 10th place finish. right now, i think its one of the best choices in