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are rubber deck tiles a good idea to put over an existing deck

are rubber deck tiles a good idea to put over an existing deck. answer 10. answered. our deck is 30 years old but we can't afford to tear it down and start from scratch. any ideas would be welcome. keep weeds out of my pea gravel walk? polly. dec 28. 3.

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lay a quick foundation with minimal digging by setting concrete blocks on gravel. level from high to low spots with a string level. we used 11 joists spaced 12 in. on center to keep the composite decking we used from sagging over time, but wood decking can be spaced 16 in. on center. how to install hidden deck fasteners. step 7. hidden

how to build a deck over a concrete patio

resultado de imagem para install decking over concrete porch definitely need to build a floating deck over the concrete in the back yard by the pool head to the website above simply click the highlighted bar for further information : maintenance free decking build a deck over concrete slab found on see more

why should you put gravel under a deck? hunker

most deck installation companies recommend using gravel when installing a deck. gravel provides ample drainage and prevents pools of water from lingering below the deck structure after it rains, and eroding the wood structure and foundation. pebbles and wood chips are alternatives to gravel as other suitable surface options, which also allow

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install a flexible edging of metal, plastic or wood bender board around the perimeter of the patio. use wood stakes to hold the edging tightly against the cut edge of the patio area by pounding a stake into the ground every 12 inches. while the edging may extend 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the surrounding grass or soil, pound the stakes 1/2 inch below the top of the edging so they are not visible

installing wpc decking squares over gravel

installing wpc decking squares over gravel. products case. how to resurface your walkway with interlocking deck tiles shantex decking tiles are easy to install over a weekend and will increase the value of your cover area with gravel. online service mbrico tile decks decking tiles faq advantages benefits.

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they want to spend about $500-$800 to cover the gravel with interlocking composite tiles or a connecting plastic mat vs the labor of installing pavers which they vow they will remove next year maybe it is a pass, but i'll see what they come up in a few days or if they reconsider..they problem is that they agreed to the cost of two other jobs, so i'do hate to lose the client.

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if youve decided to use composite decking to give your outdoor living space an updated look, your next big step after ordering is to install it. adding these easily sawn and nailed boards to an existing frame is a fairly strhtforward process, though you should take it one step at a time to ensure you follow manufacturer instructions.

building a deck without footings garden guides

most deck-installation methods require holes dug deeply in the soil, and filled with concrete to create sturdy footings. save time and effort by using a design without poured footings. over gravel. grading a flat spot for the deck is necessary, even when alternative building methods are used.

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if youve hesitated over the expense and labor of adding an outdoor living area, consider a pea gravel patio for its low cost, ease of installation, and mostly hands-off maintenance.

decks vs patios: which one is best?

although concrete is considered the most popular building material for a patio, you may also choose stone, gravel, and other materials for a patio. one of the most important considerations for those weighing installing a patio or deck is whether or not your ground is level. here are a few decks vs. patios pros and cons to mull over

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we finally decided on a 14 x 28 patio space. 2. once we had the size and location we ordered our materials. we ordered the pea gravel from our local stone shop. we ordered just over 3.5 yards of the smaller stone it was between 5/8-3/4 which was just over $200, you can find yardage calculators online that will help you with this part.

installing a pea gravel patio: your step by step guide

once your supplies have been assembled, youre ready to move forward with your pea gravel patio installation: step 1: design layout and mark perimeters. the design phase of your pea gravel patio offers you a lot of freedom and flexibility in expressing your own unique sense of style.