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robert loggia

salvatore 'robert' loggia january 3, 1930 december 4, 2015 was an american actor and director. he was nominated for the academy award for best supporting actor for jagged edge 1985 and won the saturn award for best supporting actor for big 1988 .

basil rathbone was fencing champ

basil rathbone was fencing champ posted 15 years ago by cheval52 19 replies jump to latest. basil rathbone was twice the british army fencing champ. he taught errol flynn and tyrone power the art of fencing and both actors went on to do their own stunts in robin hood, captain blood, mark of zorro. an actor who was a fencing champion was

robert loggia t.h.e. cat -- tv library of congress

photographs show actor robert loggia on the set of the television show t.h.e. cat. includes loggia fencing with another actor; rehearsing and performing scenes with other actors. also loggia at the beach with wife and daughter; playing basketball with other men; at home with wife and daughter.

stage combat

notable amongst these were george dubois, a parisian fight director and martial artist who created performance fencing styles based on gladiatorial combat as well as renaissance rapier and dagger fencing. egerton castle and captain alfred hutton of london were also involved both in reviving antique fencing systems and in teaching these styles to actors.

famous people who fenced

duncan regehr was a classically trained shakespearean actor and he was familiar with stage fencing. he starred as zorro in the new world series on the family channel. he starred as zorro in the new world series on the family channel.

anthony de longis

the queen of swords was portrayed by newcomer tessie santiago and he trained her for two months in pre-production in california in the use of the rapier and dagger in the spanish mysterious circle style to give the heroine a unique fighting style.

robert loggia, rugged but versatile character actor, dies

robert loggia, rugged but versatile character actor, dies at 85robert loggia, rugged but versatile character actor, dies at 85. in four episodes of david chases hbo series the sopranos he played michele feech la manna, who wants to rejoin the mob after his release from prison.

aldo nadi

he taught fencing in new york city from 1935 to 1943, and in 1943 published a book on fencing. also in 1943, he relocated to los angeles , california , where he continued to teach fencing in his own school, in addition to occasionally coaching actors for fencing scenes in films. 1

fences play

fences is a 1985 play by american playwright august wilson. set in the 1950s, it is the sixth in wilson's ten-part 'pittsburgh cycle'. like all of the 'pittsburgh' plays, fences explores the evolving african american experience and examines race relations, among other themes. the play won the 1987 pulitzer prize for drama and the 1987 tony award for best play. the play was first developed at the eugene o'neill theater center's 1983 national playwrights conference and premiered at the yale repert