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1. set the cutting depth of a circular saw to the thickness of one of the porch flooring boards. cut two lengthwise lines through one of the rotten boards so you can pry it out.

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in this video i share a simple hack to cut vinyl flooring and make your installations go faster waterproof vinyl flooring installation diy start to finish wood flooring seven trust floor and decor

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it's a screened in porch with a half wall metal bottom--so actually even the sun and rain is minimal. the floor that was removed was cedar and because the porch and everyone from florida knows what i am talking about was at least four inches below my house--it was built on 2 x 4's, then plywood and then the cedar.

help: can i use waterproof locking vinyl planks

help: can i use waterproof locking vinyl planks on a covered porch? help i live in a row home with a small covered porch and have been trying to find a good material to use to protect my floor since my basement is underneath it.

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the ends were often shaped in a half-round bullnose by an onsite carpenter, the better to shed water. after world war ii, board thicknesses shrank to ¾', and the ends were typically square-cut, both compromises in terms of the expected lifespan of the wood. some tips for porch flooring repairs

make your own flooring with 1x6 pine

first, mr. scc cut all the 8 ft planks into 4 ft pieces, then cut about 6 of those in half again to 2 ft sections. i sanded each board, one by one, top, ends and knocked the sharp edges off the corners for a worn farmhouse feel.

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just floored 15 totally unexpected diy flooring alternatives 10 things to do with cross-cut trees. these boards add great character to the mudroom or porch. once installed, a floor

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how to measure and cut angles on vinyl plank flooring installation installing tile floor for the first time how to lay tile floor - duration: off history help

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cut off, la - flooring contractor. professionals. cabinet makers carpenters deck builders drywall contractors electricians fencing companies. roof install a shingle roof install a furnace install a fence install a concrete driveway grind a medium tree stump screen in porch install a tile floor.

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useful tips on preferred methods and tools should help you understand the best way to cut vinyl plank flooring. determine how wide the last row is. this should be the first cut you make. determine the width of the last row of vinyl plank flooring. if the width is less than of a plank, cut roughly of the plank in the first row.

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otherwise, you have to undo the entire floor in order to cut down the first row of planks. cut the tongue off the first row of planks with a utility knife. each vinyl plank has a grooved side and a tongue side. the tongue is opposite of the grooved side, running along 1 of the planks longer edges. with the vinyl plank face up, hold a

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how do i cut vinyl planks? use a miter saw that can cut at through a 9' plank in one cut. make sure you are using a blade designed for cutting plastic. typically, vinyl planks can be cut with a utility knife. you score the wear-layer, and then bend them until they snap.

pro tips for tongue and groove flooring

pro tips for tongue and groove flooring. construction how-to, flooring installation, pre-drill them first for hardwoods and at the ends of softwood planks. cutting plus a bulletproof, factory-applied finish thatll stand up to nearly anything. the trade-off is a bevel between each floor board. to me, its a nice detail that gives the

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i never noticed how poorly they smoothed out our porch floor before. the stain enhanced the marks. even with the imperfection i love the look of our concrete floor. it took 5 days to get the floors finished. one day to prep it, one day to mark your lines and tape them out. one day to paint the flooring and remove the tape.

repair for an old wooden porch

repair for an old wooden porch. construction how-to, decks may 17, and many older homes have a porch floor made from tongue-and-groove lumber. once installed, the outside ends of the new pieces of porch flooring were cut off with a jig saw after marking a strht line with a chalk-reel.

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use 1x4 t and g fir, prime wiht oil base primer and try to blind nail as much as possible. lay the last piece in by cutting off the bottom of the groove side piece, drop it in tight and either epoxy it there or sink a few stainless steel rimshank nails and cover the holes with sawdust from the fir flooring mixed with yellow wood glue.