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also, if you are on a pc, it's recommended that you patch your game. i'd highly advise you to download and install either the version 1.1 or 1.2 patch, as these will fix a few problems, as well as clarify a some points noted within this guide. finally, i'd like to remind you once again that this guide does contain spoilers.

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i'm going to agree with that, i have deck cleats and used to use them, but now i hate them. first, i never cleat my sheet during a race as i'm always easing or trimming, when i hike hard, the sheet is in a location in which it will cleat itself, this doesn't help when i'm vang-sheeting.

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microsoft revealed its xbox play anywhere initiative back at e3 last month. it lets you buy participating cross-platform games once and play them on xbox one and windows 10 pcs. microsoft is

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as such have a quick look around. there is an ammo crate or two and a diary note [note 1/1] on the deck. after a brief conversation and a free ride, things get a little more serious. the shrimps will begin to attack the boat and will pop up on the railings to attack you. you need to shoot them to dislodge them as soon as possible.

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most building texts just lightly cover this as there are several methods and installation techniques. if the boat is big enough, you can spring planks and there are two categories in which most fall: a laid deck or a veneer deck.

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re: what size gap when installing cedar decking you can check the seasonal mc of wood products here. and from there reasonably predict the wood movement. i would also want to know how the deck was going to be used. if there will be high heels worn on the deck the gap should be smaller than if dock siders are the footwear du jour.

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installing a cleat on the dock is something you can do by yourself. it is not difficult but there are a few things to consider. the size of a cleat must correspond with the size of the boat. it should be made of a durable material that can withstand years of weathering. finally, it should be fastened in a way that it can withstand stress and strains of tied up boat.

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how to install wood deck boards center) vs “bark side down”. from my experience bark side up will cup, bark side down will flatten so i will install with the growth rings arcing up on the ends. reply. amy october 10, 2017 at 9:39 am. funny, i just got off the phone with the contractor who redid our deck. they installed the planks