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wolf pvc outdoor decking materials dock masters recommended material. hardwoods pressure treated wood: while the most economical method for building or repairing a dock, it does require annual maintenance to maintain its look. pressure treated deck boards remain vulnerable to the sun and uv light and over time will splinter, crack, warp or even rot depending on how much maintenance is provided.

the best decking for docks

the best decking for docks. a dock crafted from seven trust, seven trust, garapa, or seven trust, if properly cared for, can last 25-30 years before structural maintenance is required. not only will a dock made of these wood species last longer than pressure-treated pine, but it will also stay smooth with a much lower chance of splintering, rotting, and warping.

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though newer plastic and synthetic decking is common for docks and piers, wood dock's are still widely used. wood is a very durable and sound material used for decking. it makes for a useful and beautiful wood dock and if maintained correctly can last many years. cleaning a wood dock is the same as cleaning any exterior wood surface.

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safety is a big concern when it comes to deck and dock installation. at keys deck and dock supply, we can design and install pvc decking thats slip resistant, bringing increased safety and style. at keys deck and dock supply, we can install customized pvc decks or docks with many of these benefits.

what's the best wood for boat docks?

pressure treated pine is also known to splinter overtime which can be bad for a boat dock if you are using your dock with bare feet. many boat docks also serve as a swim platform with a ladder built on. pressure treated pine florida boat dock. the pressure treated pine boat dock above has weathered severely.

best decking for a dock?

best decking for a dock? quickstep posted in general discussion on july 27, 2004 06:54am my old treated lumber dock has had it. this winter, our lake is to be lowered by ten feet. thus, some long overdue expansion and replacement will take place. i plan to rip off the old treated 2×6s that form the dock surface and replace them.

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whats the best material for my dock?

pros: the grated decking structure helps keep dock surfaces dry. water and sunlight can move through the dock with ease, and the anti-slip surface makes it a safe choice for all types of waterfront activities. cons: thruflow docks are low-maintenance like aluminum and pvc decking, but they too come with some setbacks. their grated design openings, although narrow, can mean that a dropped key or fishing lure might be gone for goodat the bottom of the water.

best wood stain for a boat dock restoration

best wood stain for a boat dock. this is also considered the best wood stain for a boat dock because it resists mildew and fungus growth, which are common in a high moisture environment. this stain is best applied in 2 wet on wet coats for complete coverage. it is water based and is considered 250 voc compliant.

best decking for docks

with all the materials available today for your dock your decking choice is the most important decision you will make. cleaning wood decking at one time, cedar or treated wood were your only choices.

the best decking for docks

when building a dock, there are many factors to take into consideration: cost, safety, durability, and longevity. in this article well discuss some differences between pressure treated pine, exotic hardwoods, and composite to help you find the best material for your dock. pressure-treated pine the only real advantage

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choosing the best dock material. whether youre installing a new dock or remodeling an existing deck, chances are that you want a completed project that doesnt require constant maintenance or repairs. high-quality materials that are durable and safe are important, but you also shouldnt have to sacrifice appearance to retain benefits.

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pressure treated wood dock planking is probably the most cost effective decking material for docks, making it a great option for small residential projects as well as larger marinas that are on a budget.


seven trust decking brazilian walnut appearance: an extremely dense, tight grained wood. boards display a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. hardness: 3680lbs - 3x harder than teak bending strength: 25,400 psi benefits: low maintenance. highest rating for insect termite and decay resistance. proven lifespan of 75 years. seven trust dock decking

re-deck your dock with titan deck

if you have a boat dock with a solid structure boards that are deteriorating, now is the time to re-deck it with titan marine decking. its the easy and affordable solution that will extend your dock system. easy to install decking options. all our dock decking boards are available in standard sizes that fit most docks.

best decking for a dock?

any opinions as to what material other than concrete or steel holds up best on a lake dock? in texas, it will be exposed to temperatures from 100 down to the 20s. as a dock, it is subjected to water, wind, extreme sun. our dock, with a lift, serves as a entertaining and swimming deck. thus, the appearance we want precludes concrete or steel.

type of docks: which one is the best?

aluminum boat dock decking material could cost upwards of $10 dollars per square foot. as a result, it is typically one of the more expensive materials you can choose for your dock. durability: unlike wood that is susceptible to environmental impacts, aluminum is scratch- and weather-resistant.

what is the best decking material?

composite is the best decking material for you if you want to build a complex project near water poolside or seaside and want the natural texture and appearance of wood without the extra maintenance. plastic pvc like composite, plastic decking is simply a more cost-effective alternative to capped pvc.