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deck footings are important parts of the deck construction. these footings provide solid foundation or base to support the deck. if the deck footings are not strong enough, the posts attached to the deck would fail resulting in possible injury or loss of property. the article discusses some popular deck footing types. 1. attached deck build

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where to position posts in deck footings. fyi: it is best to keep the bottom of all deck footings to the same soil type. for example, if one footing is into rock, you should take all footings down to rock. the reasoning, as the ground moves, the different soil types react differently and push deck footings around differently.

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the cheapest deck foundations are concrete deck blocks that just sit on the ground. the blocks are usually less than $10 apiece. however, you must buy a lot of them to ensure the weight of your deck is spread out over enough soil surface area so that they don't sink.

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footings are a very important component of deck construction because they provide the solid foundation that will support your deck. your deck’s design will determine how live and dead loads are transferred from different sections of the deck to concentrated points of contact with the ground.

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a guide to different decking board types find & compare your ideal decking boards with our guide. we negotiate exclusive discounts of up to 50% off with 20 uk diy suppliers, including wickes & b&q. all our latest deals, guides & tips go into our free fortnightly email.

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