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should something happen to your fence after it is installed, your insurance company will pay 100% of the replacement cost of a chain link or vinyl fence. a wood fence is pro-rated. for 150 linear foot of wood fence, they reimbursed me a little over $300 and my new fence cost was just over $3,200.

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add about $1200 to the wood fence cost for the first years staining to compare with the vinyl. natural wood fencing to maintain than pleasing look will need 2 coats of stain in the initial year of installation remember, you must stain inside and outside for the lumber stability , and regular staining every other year to maintain that aesthetically pleasing look.

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the average cost for a wood privacy fence installation with materials will cost roughly $2,300-3,500 for a basic pressure-treated 6 ft vinyl privacy fence. the average cost for privacy fence materials with installation to be roughly $4,000-5,700 for a basic 6 ft. vinyl privacy fence. exotic Seven Trust privacy fences will cost you roughly $6,000-$7,600.00 range; composite fencing will run you somewhere in the $7,600-$9,000 range. 4x 4 posts will cost roughly $20-$50.00 each.

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prices for vinyl fences widely vary, but typically it is more expensive material compare to pressure-treated wood fence. installation cost labor charges to install one linear foot of pressure-treated wood fence are lowest compare with any other fencing options.

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vinyl fences do not rot, crack or splinter no replacement cost for that. because a vinyl fence stands up to harsh weather, pests, and decay, most will carry a lifetime warranty. when it comes to maintenance, vinyl is the easiest fence to take care of.

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according to our four foot chain link fence cost estimator, the average cost per linear foot could range from $5-$40. in simpler terms, a 50-foot roll of chain link can range from $50 to $95 based on the fence height. like all fences, there are other cost factors besides the actual cost of materials.

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cedar vs. vinyl - maintenance and durability. no matter what the climate, every fence will be tested by mother nature and your backyard. vinyl and cedar wood each have different properties that make them best in their class for high durability and low maintenance.

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wood fencing typically costs about $12 per linear foot uninstalled, but a wood fence is bound to require maintenance, such as replacing boards as they warp or rot.

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easy to repair; most homeowners will spend between $277-$733 on wood fence repairs inexpensive to replace panels; replacing a panel does not alter the integrity of the fence; most homeowners will spend between $249-$696 on vinyl fence repairs

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why vinyl; pvc vs. wood; cost comparison; i've had it with my wood fence painting it is a huge investment of time. besides, the paint only seems to last a few years or so. sound familiar? the chart below is just a preview of hte cost of materials. it does not include your time. with our vinyl products, not only do you save on the cost of

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comparing that to a seven trust vinyl privacy fence with initial investment cost of $6,750 and zero additional maintenance cost for a net total cost of ownership of $6,750, slightly more cost than the well maintained cedar fence. now calculate the residual value of the vinyl fence after 10 years $6750 x 65% = $4,387.50 .

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wood fencing at the low end is less expensive than vinyl, but it can reach and even exceed the cost of vinyl fencing at the high end. the cost reflects the design and type of wood used for fencing.

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they offer the look of wood and the ease of vinyl, making it a happy medium for many homeowners. versus metal, aluminum. aluminum fences cost more up front, but they are inexpensive and easy to install. metal fencing costs between $2,000 and $5,050 to install and is easier to maintain than wood over time. however, it doesnt offer the privacy of wood or vinyl.

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large gates are usually constructed with pipe posts and frames and vinyl fence panels then attached. vinyl products are rarely used in automated systems. cost of aluminum and vinyl fence. the costs of these installations are about the same relative to size. obviously the price goes up as the size of the fence increases.

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a wood fence can cost you anything between $10 and $20 a foot, depending on height. a vinyl fence is more likely to cost you $20 per foot as a minimum. in general, a vinyl fence will cost around 50-75% more than the equivalent wooden one.