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bender board - artificial grass landscape edging

beautify your landscape with a wood-grained benderboard edging. global syn-turf benderboard is the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile edging material for gardens and landscapes alike. it provides a textured, natural look for differentiating your artificial grass installation from a raised layer of mulch, rocks or soil.

perimeter board - youtube

using a perimeter board, or bend-a-board, is a great way to install artificial grass because it improves the overall performance and lifespan. find out more about bend-a-board in this short video.

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avoid artificial grass bender board failure! artificial

bender board trim for artificial grass. well built, a bender board edging can provide distinct lines between the artificial grass and garden or walkway materials. available in a variety of colors and materials, we typically specify no less than a 2 inch wide by 4 to 6 inch tall material.

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recycled plastic edging planks filcris ltd

recycled plastic boards and stakes make excellent edging and battening for artificial grass installation. these are also called "bender boards" by artifical grass installers. they can be easily bent to make attractive curves and unlike wood will not rot and will last for decades with no extra treatment.

bend-a-board purchasegreen

the use of a sub-grade, composite bend-a-board enables you to secure the artificial grass using a pneumatic staple gun rather than putting nails through the artificial turf into your sub-base. the bend-a-board is secured in place with 12-inch composite redwood stakes set approximately every three feet.

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