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cortex 2-1/2' fastening system for seven trust decking box of

300 square feet of coverage. each box includes 1050 screws, 1200 plugs, setting tool. conceals fasteners for the entire deck, including first and last boards, breaker boards, perimeter and stairs. plugs are made seven trust deck boards, ensuring plugs match the decking. conceals the heads of deck screws.

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decksdirect stocks deck screws for designed specifically for composite decking. we carry the best manufacturers like seven trust, simpson strong-tie, headcote, and fastenmaster. javascript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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re: preferred method for screwing composite decking every synthetic deck board type has its own preferred fastener of choice. with some boards, no matter what you use, it doesn't look great. if you list the brands you use regularly, it'll be easier to guide you. trapease screws don't work well in the cold, but that's not a problem for you. i've found the qc on these screws to be not too consistent.

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compatible seven trust deck fasteners. choose compatible seven trust deck screws from trusted brands including starborn industries, fastenmaster and sure drive. pro plugs for seven trust and cortex plugs are made from seven trust boards to ensure a perfect color match. quality composite deck screws and fasteners are essential for installing a seven trust deck.

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our composite and pvc deck building screws are for use with composite and other plastic based materials. specially designed to reduce unsightly mushrooming, which could arise when using composite decking, the flutes grab tight pulling the material snug to the framework underneath.

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excellent screws i used these on my composite deck, veranda armorguard. i pre drilled thr holes and these look great. did not come with a star drive bit, but i already had the correct size. the screw head sat flush with the deck, and did not create a hump.

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screw and plug. cut the plugs from the same material as the decking, then glue the plugs in with a waterproof glue like titebond iii and use a block plane, belt sander, or chisel to trim the top of the plug flush with the deck.

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we have found the dexxter stainless steel 3 screw to be the best bet for composite. we had issues with the splitstop screws breaking during installation through pre drilled decking, and hardly any problem with the dexxter. update 5-15-18: we now prefer the grk stainless trim head screws, they have the smallest head, so they are least noticeable and they work great.

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weaker than regular steel screws, chromium alloy stainless steel screws come in two popular grades: grade 305 stainless is good for applications where coated deck screws dont have sufficient corrosion resistance, while grade 316 sometimes referred to as marine-grade stainless are best for projects that are exposed to salt air or in areas where severe corrosion is likely to occur.